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Top Tips for Vaping While Traveling

Traveling with vaping kits is no longer as hectic as it was in the past. Most countries are now familiar with e-cigarettes, meaning that you are unlikely to encounter endless questions concerning your vaporizers. If you can’t travel without your e-cigarette or any other vaping product, there are some things you need to know. 
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However, there are still rules that you must observe — most of these regulations focus on ensuring packing the vaping kit safely. If you adhere to them, you will have an easy time navigating through airport security on your way to an overseas business or holiday trip.

Familiarize with the law

It is vital to familiarize yourself with the laws of the destination you are planning to visit. Nobody wants to brush shoulders with authorities straight after landing at the airport, as this would make the entire trip woeful. 

Some countries like Denmark, Japan, and Norway only permit the use of imported e-juices. If you plan to visit such destinations, ensure that you have an adequate supply to see you through your stay.

Others such as Brazil, Singapore, the UAE, and Hong Kong are entirely against vaping. Avoid carrying your gear into these destinations. 

Read the airline’s regulations.

Before purchasing an airline ticket, read through the rules. The majority of air transport companies have a section about e-cigs in their regulations, as vaping is nowadays a widespread practice. You will notice that some airlines have stricter rules. Go for the option that aligns with your preferences.

Most airlines have no issues with passengers carrying their vapes on board. Regarding batteries, however, the rules are understandably more stringent. 

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Keep it cool when explaining.

Despite the growing popularity of vaping, some people are not familiar with the vaping gear. Your vaporizer can be easily mistaken for what it’s not. It is essential to anticipate stern security officials that will demand further explanation.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it is advisable to exercise calmness and patience. Ensure that you cooperate with the security personnel and your flight will proceed without any hassles. Being rude or appearing uneasy will only work against you.

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Pack gear carefully

Ensure that your vaping gear is intact and packaged in the safest manner possible. For example, you can store the entire vaping kit in a designated bag. This minimizes the probability of misplacing any items or incurring damages while traveling. 

Give batteries extra protection.

Most vaping kits run on lithium-ion batteries with metal casings. To reduce the chances of short-circuiting the terminals, place the cells in padded carriers. Also, avoid packing batteries and e-cigs in checked luggage.

Be Considerate

It is against airplane etiquette to vape inside a plane.  Smoking aboard an airplane places you at risk of legal action. In some cases, you can get ejected from the flight.

Some people who find it hard to resist the craving sneak into the airplane to get a quick vape session. The anxiety of sneaky vaping makes the whole process unsatisfying and can ignite even more restlessness. 

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