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cannabis owl, cannabis future

The Future of Cannabis

cannabis owl, cannabis future
Artwork by Krisi Konvict

With Consumption driven economic development policies paving the way forward, the Cannabis industry is perceived by Industry leaders as the new Golden Goose, encouraging a ‘gold rush’ around the globe. In the United States alone, the Marijuana industry is a multibillion-dollar business and is expected to generate no less than $22 billion in sales by as early as 2020. Cannabis has clearly become a lucrative interest.

The rapidly changing economic climate within the Cannabis market has created numerous business opportunities, as well as legal and operational challenges not only for everyday consumers, but also those related to the Medical, Hospitality and Tourism industries who are rushing to cash in on the wealth and opportunity that has been created by this rapidly expanding market.

Cannabis has been cited as being the potential building blocks for Economic Development Success in countries like South Africa, where House of Hemp was the first private company to be awarded a permit from the Departments of Agriculture and Health to legally cultivate and process Hemp.

One of the many benefits of medically prescribed Cannabis is that it empowers the patient/consumer with a certain amount of control over their treatment. Treatment is not limited to purely smoking and may consist of or include, flower, oils, edibles, topical creams and ointments, as well as consumption through devices such as vaporizers to mention but a few. All of these methods are seen as ‘potential,’ and work collaboratively in expanding the market.

Currently under the spotlight and of substantial interest is Micropropagation. This method of propagation has been designed to assist with yield whilst at the same time reducing harmful pathogens and ultimately help cultivators to meet the ever-growing medical and general-use demand on a global scale.

On the lighter side of the leaf, public participation and support of Cannabis related events and festivals such as 420, are helping to alleviate and hopefully eradicate the sticky stigma that has in the past overshadowed this multifunctional plant.

The complexity of cannabis is sometimes its biggest downfall, but also it’s the biggest strength as there is a lot of depth behind everything we are learning in a world leaning towards cannabis legalization. With legal states allowing scientists and researchers to investigate this once illegal plant in more detail, we are now learning more than ever before about the beneficial properties of the plant, and the list seems endless.

Cannabis producers, cultivators and processors are able to use technology to specifically process and produce cannabis products the market is demanding. With concentrates fast becoming the cannabis consumers choice for quality and potency, we are now at a stage where the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

We are still at the beginning stages of understanding how cannabis connects to our bodies and minds and the “entourage effect” it may have on society as a whole. Millions of people are taking advantage of the once claimed benefits of cannabis as a medical and industrial crop. The “green rush” has only just begun, so brace yourself for a much greener, sustainable cannabis future.

By Krisi Konvict
By Krisi Konvict

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