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Cannabis Medicine


Cannabis medicineMedical marijuana is the only treatment method that has had a rather turbulent past than any other form of treatment. It is not easy to obtain medical marijuana from the plant they sell on the street. Medical marijuana is obtained from a very pure, uncut cannabis indica plant. The plant contains hundreds of chemicals that are beneficial to human health. But the most used chemicals, out of hundreds, are two, THC which stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidol (CBD). These two chemicals are also the most dominant of all other chemicals present in the plant.

In the last article, we looked at the illness that medical marijuana treats or improve symptoms. Despite being used to treat a variety of diseases, medical marijuana has not been approved by government agencies like the Federal Drug Administration. One of the main reasons why medical marijuana has received resistance from different quarters is because there has not been done a convincing clinical trial to prove the medical benefits of the cannabis indica plant. But that doesn’t mean that the plant lacks any medical benefits. It has in fact been used for more than a thousand years as a medical therapy. Medical marijuana has a variety of health benefits, especially for seniors.

A huge number of illnesses that medical marijuana treats, are associated with old age. These diseases include;


Medical marijuana comes in handy for patients during rounds of chemotherapy. Researches have shown that smoking marijuana can assist with vomiting and nausea during rounds of chemotherapy. Furthermore, using a vaporized marijuana can help relieve pain suffered through neurological injury and can help restore patients normal eating habits.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s is depression. Major feature about this illness is that it is very degenerative, and study has found that the compound THC found in cannabis plant can help slow down the growth of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Medical marijuana can significantly help boost the brain functions for the elderly. Following a study conducted on the young, mature and elderly mouse, it was found that when the compound THC was introduced into the younger mice, it slowly inhibited the cognition a little bit, but when introduced to the two older mice, the cognitive performance was significantly improved as compared to the younger mice. It is worth noting that before the introduction of the compound THC, the older mice performed more badly on the cognitive tests than even the young mice. Although the study was done on mice and not human, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for medical marijuana and the aging population. Cognitive functions diminish in elder people and if this study can prove a success, it will be a huge boost in the fight to help the aging population. But the crucial step is to find out how the human body cannabinoid system would react to THC and the manner in which its introduction can assist re-stimulate cognition.

Statistics indicate that the number of seniors shifting to the use of medical marijuana is on the rise, in fact, between 2006 and 2013, the number increased by 250 percent. The reasons for this rise is due to the facts below:

Medical marijuana has fewer side effects than many over the counter drugs, plus it is cost-efficient. Another reason for this surge in a number of senior in medical marijuana is the amount of pain these seniors undergo that the over-the-counter drugs can’t cure. Another influencing factor that has led to an increase in the number of the elderly population using medical marijuana is that it helps with sleep. It is more viable than sleeping pills. More marijuana pills can be found on Seedsman cannabis seeds.

Treatment of General Pain Common In Elderly People

It is an experience that almost all elderly people have gone through, medical marijuana can help offset these pain and it can be ingested in a manner that is well suitable to any senior, like rubbing on the surface of the place where the pain is felt. The medical marijuana can also be easily ingested by seniors through creams and lotion infused with HTC that can leak through the skin and neutralize the pain.

Whichever way it is ingested, medical marijuana can help the elderly people relieve severe and prolonged pain by confronting the cannabinoid receptors that that are already present in the body. It can help control pain from, nerve damage, and joint pain.

Medical Marijuana for Young People

While the use of medical marijuana is full of controversies, it even attracts more when it is used to treat young people, mainly due to its addictive nature. Despite the criticism and backlash, it cannabis receives when used to treat young people, many doctors and scientists are more than ever excited about its application in treating children. Cannabis has many positives for young people, some of them are listed below:

You can find very few medications out there that are safer than cannabis, especially when it comes overdosing or addiction. Its safety margin makes it the most viable candidate for making children medicine.

Medical cannabis can be applied to help different types of pain, like neuropathic, muscle and also a mental and psychological pain.

Cannabis can be used to improve symptoms of a variety of conditions including a headache, and cancer. Few substances can compare cannabis when it comes to potential treatment for different illnesses.

The plant itself, cannabis indica, can be grown anywhere.

Criticism of cannabis medicine for children

Usage of cannabis as medicine requires some extended level of objectivity, to find in it any possible problems it may pose to human health.

Cannabis-based products are differently made and may contain different chemical compounds that have not been tested for such pathogens as mold and bacteria.

Labeling of cannabis-based products has raised concern. Raised questions include the levels and the ingredients in the actual product match up to the contents of the label. Most researchers have found that that is normally never the case.

Titration of the cannabis content has also raised big issues. Many are concerned by how much of cannabis you are supposed to take to get the relevant therapeutic impact you need. How many time a day should you use it?

Interaction with other over-the-counter drugs

Ingestion methods

What Should Be Look Out For In Cannabis Product for The Young PopulationCannabis Weed Infographic

As expected, cannabis medication should be made to the highest standards as possible. The following questions should be asked before opting to use cannabis medication:

1. Is it safe?

2. What compounds and the amount made cannabis

3. Is there evidence indicating that cannabis works

4. The best place to get cannabis medication

5. How to get a medical marijuana card for your child.

The question of whether cannabis is safe or not depends on the little number of research that has been done on the subject.

How Medical Marijuana Is Ingested

There are different ways in which cannabis can be ingested. Below are some of them. Through smoking: smoking help to get the most immediate relief when it comes to extracting the medical benefits from the plant. There are further, several ways of smoking marijuana, including using a smaller pipe or device, using a water bong or as a joint. Ingesting cannabis in form of smoking is the cheapest option there is.

Consuming it: it can be consumed through food and drinks to facilitate the easiness of consumption. Marijuana compound like THC just requires to be extracted from the plant and then mixed with the food of your choice or drink. It takes longer to effect when consumed than smoke. Caution must be taken on the amount of dosage you are supposed to take as even a slight increase can have tremendous effects once they start to kick in.

Vaporizing it: this means of ingesting marijuana has the same effect as smoking and it yields instant results. For this method, you will need a vaporizer, a machine that turns heated cannabis into a vapor that is less hot as smoke. This form is usually not enough to extract the medical benefits of the plant. This is an expensive means of ingesting due to the costs of acquiring the vaporizing machine. The advantages of using this method are that the vapor inhaled has less impact on your lungs.

Rub it on your skin: this method is suitable in relieving maladies like muscles pains, soreness, and arthritis. Using this method will not result in the feeling of “high” commonly associated with cannabis. The advantage of using this method is that it let you target the specific area of pain instead of inducing an entire body effect for one small area of pain.

Use droplets: this method ensures that you control the dosage by using droplets or sprays. This is the most cost-effective method of marijuana ingesting, although it doesn’t have an immediate effect.

Take marijuana pills: some of the pills are approved by FDA and can help relieve symptoms like nausea and vomiting. It is the least preferred method of cannabis ingestion.

Cannabis Medicine

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