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Vapes box mods

The beginner’s guide to vape modifications

If you have already discovered the worldwide craze of vaping then you may have already heard of the term vape mods. If you are new to the e-cigarette world then you probably don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Don’t worry though as we are here to bring you a beginner’s guide into the world of vape modifications.

These devices are electronic and from such can have modifications installed to achieve different functionality. They work by having a battery provide heat to a coil that turns a liquid into a vapour. This vapour is then inhale by the user where they will either get the nicotine hit they are after or the flavour intensive sensation. People modify their devices to make it perform either better or in a way that is different than normal use (we’ll get more into that further on).

So without a further ado sit back, relax and get ready to dive into the world of vape modifications.

Chip mods

Chips mods are all about changing the way the e-cigarette works to achieve better performance with the user in mind. They can also come with custom skins that can be added to give your device a new look but are primarily used to change the functionality. When you purchase a chip mod it will come with a installation kit as well as a really easy to follow guide.

Gene chips are a common type of chip mod that improve the responsiveness and speed of your device which has made it very popular amongst the community. Once you dip your toes into the ocean of modifications you need to be aware that all the components interact with each other. Be sure that everything you have or are going to install are all compatible beforehand.

Vapes box mods

Box mods

Box mods are a common installation for users who want to give the vaporiser of their device some extra oomph. They differ from the other mods on the market but are one of the most popular due to how much customisability the user gets. Generally speaking, the addition of other components to your e-cigarette will require more power to operate which is why these variants come with an inbuilt battery that is larger and lasts longer than the normal one.

The e-cigarette modification scene is all about customisability which is why you can still install other mods such as LEDs even after your box variant.

Mechanical modifications

Mech modifications is an additional device that runs without its own circuit board but rather uses the battery of your e-cigarette. Typically you will notice that your vapourising capability tends to drop when the battery on your device starts to run out. This variant bypasses that and makes sure that your device is operating at full power no matter what the level of your battery is. People tend to use this variant when they are chasing big clouds and drags.

Additional to improving the performance of your device, they can also increase the durability and reliability of it. They can come with a metal casing which can make them very drop resistant. Like most mods, this variant is very easy to install and is very popular amongst the e-cigarette community especially cloud chasers. Because this alteration offers the capability for the biggest clouds, people who perform and compete in cloud competitions will more than likely have at least this mod installed.

Hopefully by this point you understand a bit more about the customisability potential of these devices and why more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

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