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Magic Weed Mantis

  Written by: David James Ries Produced by: www.cannabispromoter.com #cannabispromoter #weedcoza #cannabiscontent Related cannabis posts: Smoking Pipe – Novelty pipes for Weed how to make a quick easy cheap weed pipe CoCo Mix Indoor Weed Garden Tour AIR CIRCULATION WHILE GROWING CANNABIS! – GROW WEED SERIES UPDATE

Grow Marijuana: Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild Big Marijuana Plants

[youtube id=”3FwslmmibfE” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild marijuana garden tour in the rain. Drought-cracked clay soil is overcome with giant containers full of organic soil. This is the second time Jorge has toured this garden in Southern Oregon. The marijuana harvest will start in 17 days after the video was shot. The […]

malawi x kush

Passion for Purple Marijuana Strains

Where Does Marijuana Gets Its Medical Benefits? Purple strains look luscious in appearance and have a marvelous taste. For example, Purple Kush possesses a taste which reminds you of sandalwood with an indication of sweet grapes when smoked. The tangy zest is reminiscent of cold-climate fruits and berries which makes this sweet flavored marijuana strain […]