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Girl smoking weed

9 reasons why a girl who smokes weed is the perfect girlfriend

The herb simplifies life; All drug addicts know it. Set the mood soft, keep your head straight and always eliminate nonsense. Like anything else, smoking pot is always better with someone with who does the same – specifically, a girl you really like. Related cannabis posts: Stop Using Cannabis – (9 Hour) Sleep Subliminal Session […]

Cannabis social Clubs In Barcelona

10 things you should know about cannabis clubs in Barcelona Every month I receive hundreds of questions from readers about the cannabis clubs of Barcelona. The questions range from “How can I get a membership in a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?” A “Is Weed Legal in Barcelona?” To questions about the use that the club […]

Cannabis for dogs and cats

CBD Oil & Cannabis Treats for Dog & Cat Anxiety

Many dogs just like people have anxiety. It may look different from one dog to the next. The reasons can be situation, behavioral and even both. They may fear being alone, loud sounds, new people, or traveling. Some symptoms of anxiety in dogs include the following: Whimpering Panting Pacing Shivering Aggression Accidental bathroom use Licking […]

The Greenery Room

The Greenery Room – Microdosing

  View this post on Instagram   #microdosing is becoming more mainstream. CA state agencies, the BCC and the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, define the serving size for cannabis #edible products as 10mg of THC, so anything up to 10mg can be unofficially considered “microdosing”. This allows consumers to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis, […]

Cannathlete discusses terpenes!

Jean from Cannathlete discusses terpenes and how to maximize your intake of cannabinoids from vaporizers. #cannathlete #vapexhale #whitefire #INEX #Darkhorsemma #sensichew https://www.facebook.com/CannaAthletes   Related cannabis posts: Facebook Tips for Cannabis Companies How To Convert Cannabis in Alcohol Online Shop ships directly to your door How To Make Cannabis Infused Vodka


Momma Dora – CBD Benefits

The world is a stage and CBD has found its audience… With a continuing rise in popularity, (clearly evident in retail sales figures) encouraged by ease of access, an arsenal of products, and an estimated (U.S) market value in excess of $2 000 000 000, (oh yes there are 9 zero’s!)(representing an almost 700% rise […]

Boxing and CBD Isolate

If you think cannabis use is simply associated with lazy under-achievers, Think again. You may want to reconsider your opinion whilst dusting off your old running shoes and checking your blood pressure stats, before taking on some world renowned, hard-hitting pro-athletes who have incorporated hemp derived Pure CBD Isolate, into their daily health and fitness […]

Storing Cannabis

The Do’s and Dont’s of storing Cannabis

Inevitably if one consumes cannabis long enough, they’ll find themselves asking, “How long is my cannabis good for?” While there is no steadfast expiration date for cannabis, there are a few key elements to consider and a few things you may do when storing cannabis for any extended period of time. Ideal temperatures for storing […]