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Smoke with Cane

superior joint support and air flow.

Does your joint always end up looking like a fresh fish? Try just the tip, smokewithcane.com bamboo smoking filters and rolling accessories to roll the perfect joint each and every time.

Smoke with cane provide superior joint support and air flow. Canes are easy to roll and come in a variety of wood types. Have a look below at their Youtube channel to see how it easy it is to roll with one of their products.

Smoke with Cane #JustTheTip
Why use a crutch, when you can use a Cane?

Cane Gen.1 tips are 0.75″ long and machined out of bamboo which is light weight and naturally water resistant. The three hole filter design allows for maximum air flow. Gen. 1 tips work with the Cane Cone Roller making them easy to use and roll anywhere you are. Improve the quality of your smoking sessions! Comes with 10 tips, 1 sticker, and 1 joint tube!

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Box of Smoke with Cane

Watch how easy it is to hand roll 1/4″ paper with a gen.1 Cane tip!


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