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Spain’s best Grow shop

We have found a grow shop in Madrid (Spain) with a size of 500m2. The name is Growshop.es and it is an impressive establishment, where you can find all the products and varieties you can think about. A dream made true for all growers and people interested in this sector.

The store is near the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport, making it easy for people who visit Madrid to make a quick last stop there before returning home to get those products could be very difficult or impossible to find back home, like the large amount of vaporizers or glass bongs that can be found in the Paraphernalia’s section.

Growers living nearby are lucky to have a place with great stock that they can trust, no matter what they need, their needs will be met as there is a great variety of marijuana seeds,  substrates, fertilizers, lighting equipment, climate control, etc., all the bases are covered.

Growshop.es was born 10 years ago with the dream of offering the best products to grow marijuana at the most competitive price on the market. With this philosophy, its clients rate them as Excellent, according to the Trustpilot rating system.

They currently have the largest catalog of marijuana seeds. Although they are specialized in feminized seeds, they also have the best autoflowering seed banks in the world. Including the most exotic and varied genetics.

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In 2017 they launched their online site and currently serve more than 500 orders monthly to Spain and Portugal. By this way, their customers can access products aimed at professional growers at the cheapest price and next day delivery no matter where they are. In fact, their agreements with logistics companies allow them to deliver specialized soil for marijuana cultivation up to 50 liters in any city in Spain.

In addition to seeds, soil and vaporizers, they also have a great variety of fertilizers and flowering boosters to get the best possible buds you can harvest. They have fertilizers from the most advanced brands such as Canna, Advanced Nutrients, BAC, Grotek, Atami and many more.

The staff at Growshop.es is the most specialized in the sector. They know all the cultivation secrets to achieve the best harvests and to ensure that your plantation reaches its full potential. In fact, they have tools for all different types of extractions such as Rossin, Butane Hash Oil and others.

So now you know, if you want to visit the best Grow Shop in Spain and you are passing through Madrid, don´t hesitate and  visit them. The Growshop.es team will be happy to help you with everything you need about growing cannabis.

The store is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 and every first Saturday of each month. If that doesn’t suit you, you can always place your order online at Growshop.es where they are open 24/7. We are 420!

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