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Smoking vs Vaping vs Dab

Whether you choose to, blaze, vape, or dab Cannabis, recreationally or for Medicinal purposes, the one thing that everyone wants from Cannabis, Is EVERYTHING. And with good reason, as has been proven through decades of positive results from countless clinical studies and ongoing research trials. The end results for users, is a variety of ways to reach your highs. Most common amongst these are Joints, Bongs, Vaporisers and Dabs. Wax (dab) pens are available in many style and designs, a good start are these pens from yocan.

You can either choose to use your flower as raw plant material or as an extract. Extracts can be in the form of oils or “solids” like wax and shatter.

Almost everyone had their first toke on a joint. So what happens when you add flame to flower? Combustion. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons and other carcinoids (cancer causing) are also released and about half of the cannabinoids are lost. That is where Vaping staked its claim to fame.

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Vaping dry herb does not release nearly as many carcinogens. Vaping is also considered economical when compared to packing a bowl. Vaporisers tend to for the most part, stay true to the flavor of the flower. Not generally as inherently strong as a bong, but rather, a clean high with a longer time to onset. Perfect for seedlings (those new to cannabis).

Canes are machined out of high quality bamboo and are designed to add stability to joints. The three hole filter design allows only smoke to pass through. Why use a crutch, when you can use a Cane?


Dabs involve vaporising highly potent concentrates. A high strain of cannabis could present 12% to 31% on the high end compared to concentrates that can have anywhere from 64% to 94% on the high end! Dabbing is mostly utilized by more experienced and heavy users who understand the ‘highs and low’s (temperatures) involved in operating a rig. The cannabinoid of the matter is regardless of whether you are blowing smoke rings or chasing clouds, keep it pure.

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