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Seedy Launch

Seedy.com: Taking Your Grow to New Heights with Seedy!

We started Seedy with a vision of an online marketplace designed for home cannabis growers by growers where information, equipment, and seeds are shared, and a like-minded community thrives. Set to launch in late 2020, Seedy is the world’s first digital eco-system where growers can connect and sell products, used and new equipment, as well as other essential growing products like nutes and heritage seed strains.

By identifying an emerging market for home cultivators with a focus on wellness and producing naturally harvested high-quality Cannabis and CBD/CBG. Seedy will become synonymous with the home cultivation movement as legalization legislation spreads across the globe, and experienced growers turn to digital platforms for equipment and information.

Custom Rolling Papers

Seedy is the next step in home cannabis cultivation as it allows users to connect on one central platform creating a space similar to Amazon, or Etsy where small vendors can reach thousands of potential buyers while creating a digital community. https://seedy.com

Seedy Launch

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