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Pot and PMS

Pot and PMS

The “Modern day” woman’s lifestyle does not allow for ‘time off’ to take care of many of the issues that only females can relate to. This is a sad and unfortunate reality for most woman who juggle careers, personal and intimate relationships on top of daily responsibilities. Add to that the fact that women get to anticipate a monthly onslaught of hormones from PMS related issues that contribute to a significant increase in emotional stress. It is no surprise and with little wonder that these and many like them including Mothers, Sisters and Professionals in their respective fields, are turning to alternative solutions to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Guide on Marijuana vs PMS

Estrogen as well as Progesterone are amongst others, two crucial elements that play essential roles in the female ovarian and menstrual cycle. During this time woman experiencing PMS related symptoms including erratic sleep, abdominal pain/cramps, migraines and appetite loss due to nausea, find relief in Cannabis and CBD:THC medicinal alternatives.

Cannabis, as an alternative medication, continues to remain a hot topic of discussion around the globe. This has been to great benefit for consumers and suppliers on every level as clinical studies continue to prove the resourceful nature of this plant, and has seen a growth in interest from especially more and more woman who realize and utilize the already proven benefits of this astounding gift of nature, that assists in treating and alleviating hormonal, as well as emotional issues that are common amongst women.

Current conventional treatments, present side effects that leave many patients suffering from Menstrual Cycle ailments, feeling lethargic and unable to cope with daily demands. Not to mention the list of unhealthy and unnatural ingredients contained in them.

Combined with a good Weed strain like Grand Daddy Purple or Royal Kush, Cannabis consumables are available in a variety of products to suit every need, including Edibles, Topical creams and Oils. Pot Makes Sense.

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