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Apollo Dispensary

Medical care and medical marijuana services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In the eight years since its founding, and with its commitment to the health and well-being of its patients, Apollo cannabis clinic has facilitated the issuance of more than 10,000 marijuana cards for patients. Apollo physicians are professionals, informed, compassionate, and qualified to issue medical marijuana certifications in Ontario. One of the owners of About Apollo, John R. Richards, explained the success of the company by saying: “About Apollo is almost eight years since its inception, and in that time we have experienced significant growth. The majority of our patients come to us by word of mouth recommendation. Our patients love us, and we love them! “About Apollo currently serves patients in Florida and Michigan and appointments can be booked online through our website or by calling their 24-hour call center. Both programming methods are safe and comply with federal health information security regulations.

Apollo Dispensary

An appointment with a cannabis doctor Apollo works much like an appointment with your GP. You’re welcome, you’re welcome to the Apollo cannabis staff, you fill out a patient admission form and the doctor will see you. The Apollo cannabis doctor reviews any medical records you may have, asks you some questions or performs a series of tests to determine your diagnosis. “Our goal is to make the medical marijuana certification process as simple, fast and painless as possible, “says Richards. Many people still do not know how to consult cannabis doctors in Ontario. If you have a diagnosis of a “qualifying condition”, there are three ways in which a patient can obtain their Apollo cannabis records.

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1) The patient can request that their documents be sent by fax to Apollo cannabis before their appointment.

2) The patient can download their certificates from the patient portal of their primary doctor and upload them to their Apollo cannabis programming account.

3) The patient can collect their records for themselves and take them to their Apollo cannabis appointment. We do not want to send health information by email because it is not as secure as the other three options.

4) Richards continues: “Medical marijuana / cannabis should not be confused with recreational marijuana.” Ontario, medical marijuana / cannabis is obtained only from a licensed medical marijuana treatment center, after a patient has received medical marijuana. Your medical marijuana record identification card. “In most cases, the doctor can only issue a prescription of 3 x 70 prescription days, by certification. This limit can only be exceeded in severe cases, and it does not happen often. “About Apollo has been the best medical marijuana connector and His patients. The Apollo cannabis network physicians are qualified professionals who can diagnose conditions and are authorized by Ontario, Toronto, to recommend medical marijuana treatments and issue medical marijuana certificates used to authenticate the patient’s credentials or the identity of a patient’s legal representative. Registered users of medical marijuana are in the hands of the Use Registry of medical marijuana from the Department of Health.

5) About Cannabis Apollo Established in 2010 in Ontario, About Apollo exists to connect patients with Apollo cannabis clinic and medical marijuana card services. About Apollo Network is an elite group of experienced doctors who are experts, compassionate and helpful. About Apollo has just announced a new medical medical marijuana clinic in Toronto, Ontario.

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