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Medical Cannabis

Leading Cannabis Companies in Israel

Israel is one of the leading countries in the field of research on the use of cannabis in the medical field.

Several reputed companies have been established in Israel and are doing ground-breaking work in gaining know-how in growing high-quality cannabis and extracting compounds that from it that are useful for managing several serious medical conditions.

It is estimated that the cannabis export industry in Israel is valued at $4 billion per year in revenue. Israel is focused on training more and more doctors in understanding the use of cannabis for medical purposes and prescribing it in the correct way to help people with conditions like cancer, spinal disorders, epilepsy, spastic disorders, psychological disorders etc.

Here is a list of three major companies in Israel that are leading in the field of medical cannabis today.


Pharmocann was established in 2008 and has an experience of nearly 10 years. Pharmocann has cultivated

Israel Flag on cannabis background. Drug policy. Legalization of marijuana

large farms spanning nearly eight acres in the Jezreel Valley of North Israel which has the most favorable conditions to grow high-quality medical-grade cannabis.

Known for producing about 11 strains of medical cannabis, each with a different combination of cannabinoids useful for treating specific conditions, Pharmocann has the distinction for having provided specialized and tailored treatment to nearly 3000 patients.Pharmocann has one of the largest databases that house knowledge on how to grow different strains, different treatment plans for patients and other data on medical-grade cannabis.

Tikun Olam

Tikun Olam meaning “Repair the World” in Hebrew, is one of the first companies in Israel and a leading one to work in the field of medical cannabis. This company was established in 2006, and since then, has been dedicated to research on cannabis.

Tikun Olam is comprised of smaller enterprises, all working in the field of the various areas of use of medical cannabis.

Tikun Olam Grows is dedicated to the growing of cannabis. This department has done some great work in growing genetically modified cannabis that is highly concentrated in the most useful cannabinoid compounds that help in treating and managing medical conditions. Some of the popular strains of cannabis that Tikun Olam produces is Avidekel, Alaska, Erez and Midnight.

Tikun Olam Care is a nursing center that is dedicated to the use of medical cannabis to treat patients suffering from a variety of serious ailments.

Tikun Olam International Scope deals with helping in setting up medical cannabis research centers in other countries.

Tikun Olam houses one of the largest databases that holds a lot of information on research, treatment, and knowledge on medical cannabis.


Better has over seven years of experience in growing organic and chemical free medical-grade cannabis, as well as providing treatment to patients with serious medical issues using medical-grade cannabis.

Better aims its research in producing specialized strains of medical-grade cannabis that can be used to treat specific ailments.

Betters takes pride in producing medical-grade cannabis-based products which are free from contaminants. They produce products with optimum levels of useful cannabinoids such as THC and CBD that are greatly helpful in treatments.

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