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Cannabis Industry Shows South Africa

Hotbox Marijuana in South Africa

We are blessed with variety in South Africa when it comes to cannabis culture and our blooming cannabis industry. We can even boast that we have a few online cannabis culture shows that cover everything CANNABIS. In this article we will discuss 3 top shows made for South Africans who like to smoke a bit of weed.

The Hot Box Show

Cannabis Industry Shows South Africa

For a few years now I have hotboxed myself most thursday evenings to watch the popular and professionally produced Hotbox Show that airs every Thursday at 7:00pm. Last week was their 99th episode and it featured Jo from Fields of Green for All getting a viewer voted tattoo on her wrist of a top local seedback’s patch, Amadeadly. The hour and a half or more show was packed with weed, glass, chronic, dabs, current affairs, Jule’s and Myrtles news since getting back from California with a tonne of cool cannabis products that Buzz, Dan and Jules review. Next weeks will be a bumper episode live at 7:00pm on Thursday. Be sure not to miss it and stream in live.

We now have a fully fledged @hotboxshow.co.za IG account, so tag us and drop us your bud porn with the #HotboxShow hashtag and we’ll pick this week’s winner of some epic swag. Join us on our Facebook and YouTube chats from 7pm Thursdays, live and unpredictable for another packed and blazed couple of hours.
Video Playlist: http://bit.ly/HotBoxShow
Video Live: http://bit.ly/HotboxShow_LIVE
Audio PodCast: http://bit.ly/HotboxShow_Audio
Spotify: http://bit.ly/Hotbox_Spotify

Marijuana SA

Lighting a bong on Marijuana SA

The 19th Marijuana SA youtube upload was an excellent show as usual. Featuring guest Cassidy from Crop IT a new business focused on fashion. A couple technical glitches does not stop these guys hosting a cool show that covered cannabis news and reviews. Looking forward to their future uploads and live shows.

Check out their website that is packed with cannabis grow shop and heapshop products like tents, lights, smokeables, and even a fully locally stocked seedbank. They also offer orders directly from seed suppliers overseas. Marijuana SA is a budding new cannabis business that is going places. Make sure you subscribe to their social channels below or browse their online shop for a quality cannabis product.

Website // https://www.marijuanasa.co.za
Facebook // https://www.facebook.com/MSASEEDS/
Instagram // https://www.instagram.com/marijuana_sa/
Youtube Subscribe Link // https://bit.ly/2QX7gww
Patreon // https://www.patreon.com/marijuanasa

These are the new kids on the block and I hope they get alot of support from the cannabis community in South Africa.


Dave and Quin are always publishing great videos reviewing quality cannabis, discussing current affairs and generally getting very blazed while keeping us laughing and entertained. These guys are top activists in the cannabis movement. They help educate us about all things cannabis from brownies to weed of the highest quality.

Subscribe to the social channels on youtube and facebook.

“Lifes to short to eat kak cake” Quin DQ Central Show.

Youtube // https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvP8f00jSMpRY2pXT2gbVlw
Facebook // https://www.facebook.com/dqcentral/

Written by: Chris Jay
Published by: Cannabispromoter

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