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Growing in 2020 with marijuana SA

Growing Cannabis 2020

Growing cannabis in 2020 is much easier than in previous years since it is now legal in your own home and also there are many legal products available to help you grow quality cannabis.

Growing from Seed

Choosing the right cannabis seeds and even germinating seeds can be hard if you start off with inferior genetics. Buying quality cannabis seeds from reputable seedbanks Marijuana SA is a good choice to make, as your seeds come with warranty! They offer stable genetics that are easy to grow to germinate. Have a look at our germination guide to see how you can easily germinate cannabis seeds.

Growing in Soil

Marijuana SA published a podcast recently reviewing FreedomFarms craft cannabis soil. Finding the right soil that is fresh and full of microorganisms that make your soil fertile is important. Freedom Farms craft soil is the perfect choice for any cannabis plant that grown in a container. It contains the right combination of ingredients that ensure your plants get what it needs out the soil.

Growing and your legal Rights?

Andy and Dean discuss your legal rights about growing cannabis in South Africa. They also discuss the vegetative, flowering cycles of cannabis and also about squeezing in your last plants for this season.

Watch the show to the end and get the insights on how to stay legal.

“Good genetics, you are going to win harder” – Dean

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Growing in 2020 with marijuana SA

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