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Cannabis Expo

Green Week Cannabis Expo

With all the hassles of lockdown, here is some great news for a change.
This week you can get up to 100% of your Green Week online cannabis expo virtual exhibitor booth fee covered by 3rd Eye Media as a COVID-19 business lifeline.  

After careful consideration due to the current economic situation, 3rd Eye Media would like to offer you the opportunity to exhibit your brand at The Green Week online virtual cannabis expo at no charge.

3rd Eye Media is a highly motivated advertising agency with a focus on assisting cannabis entrepreneurs to succeed in today’s online marketplace.

The Green Week online cannabis expo is an online initiative created by 3rd Eye Media to rejuvenate the cannabis industry through a covid-19 safe virtual expo focused on promoting e-commerce online sales.
There are 3 aspects of the Green week virtual expo.


1. 25th July – 27th The Interactive exhibitor hall will be open for the first 3 days of the expo
2. 28th July The live stream webinar auditorium will be open for guest speakers and attendees  
3. 25th – 29th July The virtual business networking lounge will be open for virtual business meetings.

Green Week

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Inside the Green Week Virtual exhibitor hall, your virtual exhibitor booth can display your company name, logo, video and web links to your products, you can also engage 1 on 1 chat via text or video with customers and set special deals for different times of the day to promote special offers like the Black Friday of the cannabis industry. You can make special announcements that will appear on the expo virtual billboard to encourage attendees to visit your exhibitor booth so they can check your company out and try to score the special deal of the day. This strategy drives traffic to generate leads for your business. All sales are directed to your website, so you deal directly with the clients and keep all the profit.

Virtual Auditorium

Inside the virtual auditorium, attendees can sit in on guest speakers sharing their industry knowledge, opportunities and expertise.So far we have a few very exciting speakers covering some interesting topics. If you would like a spot to speak on the program please let us know. 

Virtual Business Lounge

Schedule meetings and interact and engage inside the virtual business lounge.Form strategic partnerships and chat one on one live in a covid-19 safe environment.

Here are some links below.
Latest Green Week Online Expo Hype Video
Green Week Online Virtual Expo link https://ezxpo.net/cannabiscultures
Media coverage https://www.cbn.co.za/conferences-expos/green-week-the-online-virtual-cannabis-expo-25-july-2020/

Please email info@3rdeyemedia.co to enquire about registering today.

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