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How to germinate cannabis seeds

Germination of Cannabis Seeds

Germination of cannabis seed is the very first step in starting your garden whether it be indoors or outdoors.

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You can source your cannabis seeds from a variety of places. Cannabis seeds are not hard to find, but sourcing quality seeds from a reputable and reliable seedbank like Greensmokeroomseeds.com is the best option if you want a quality harvest and a good germination rate. The reason for this is seedbanks spend a lot of time and effort producing seeds that have high germination rates. Online seed banks like GSR are your best bet for genetic diversity and quality seeds.

Germinating Seeds

Quality Seeds

A quality cannabis seed should be dark brown with lighter accents. It should be hard and well matured. Seeds that are light green and fresh have not reached full maturity, therefore you will have a lot more trouble to pop them.

A good point to remember before popping your seeds is to make sure you have planned your grow space and have allocated enough time to resources to give your plant. Clean freshwater, good air-flow, rich soil and lots of light is all that it takes to grow good cannabis.

What is the best way to germinate seeds? 

Water, heat and air are the three requirements to germinate your seeds. There are many methods of germinating seeds, but below I will guide you through a foolproof way on being more successful each time.

For this method you will need the following items:

1. Your seeds

2. Cotton wool

3. Two clean plates

Step 1: Soak your cotton wool in clean fresh water for a minute and strain the excess water out so that all excess water is removed. 

Step 2: Place the moist cotton wool on the plate and place your cannabis seed in it. If you are germinating more than one seed at a time making sure they are at least each seed is one inch apart from the other.

Step 3: Take the second plate and flip it over the plate that has the cotton wool and cannabis seed. This creates a dark protected environment that helps keep the moisture in. You may also want to put another piece of cotton wool over the

Step 4: Make sure the environment is warm, between 20 and 30° Celcius A good place to put the plate is on top of your fridge as the unit keeps a constant temperature of warmth for your seed to sprout.

Step 5: Some seeds may germinate within 24 hours, although other seeds may take several days to sprout. Check up on them daily and make sure the cotton wool is damp. Always ensure the cotton wool stays damp, you do not want it to dry up and reduce your chances of germination. 

germinating cannabis seeds

You will see that the seed has germinated once the hard outer shell cracks and a sprout appears. This is the taproot and a clear sign of successful germination. It is important to remember that the area and sprout must be sterile so don’t touch the taproot with dirty fingers. 

Cannabis Tap Root

Once you see the tap root it is time to transfer the sprout to your growing medium of choice. Germinating seeds does not always go as well as planned. Some seeds may be duds, while others could take a lot longer to germinate. And this is the magical beauty of seeds.

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