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GanjaGrams.ca – Top delivery service country-wide

ganja-gramsI was recently in Ottawa, Canada, visiting family and friends. It was my first time in the country, long-overdue but made it and definately a white xmas. I asked my aunt about cannabis in Canada, as she is a toker herself and I have always heard Canada is a top cannabis destination with fairly liberal laws regarding the plant.

Canada is hopefully going to set the benchmark in the early new year for both medical and recreational marijuana. The country has played a pivotal role in modern cannabis laws around the world. Some of the top strains we have heard about, such as BC Bud, is from Canada. So I wanted to know how to access it, and fast.

My aunt said her local supplier was an online company, GanjaGrams.ca . You literally order online,  from edibles, concentrates right through to top quality flowers.  The website is beautifully designed, a comprehensive list of cannabis products, I was still skeptical, ” too good to be true”.  But the 5 star reviews on Leafly and Weedmaps, settled my paranoia.

I placed an order for some top notch wax and bud and said a little “hail mary”. Within 48 hours my well packed, stealthy order arrived at my temporary address in Ottowa. Unfortunately they dont deliver worldwide, but hopefully oneday. Many thanks ganjagrams.ca

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