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CBD capsules

CBD Capsules are a simple alternative to CBD oil

If you want to take advantage of CBD, but do not like the taste of CBD oil, CBD capsules might be an alternative for you. Not only are CBD capsules relatively tasteless, but they are also easy to take, for example, when traveling.

CBD capsules contain the same oil found in pipette vials. This specific type of CBD intake is becoming more popular day by day. Potential benefits are:

  • Completely tasteless and odorless
  • Always a controlled dosage
  • High-quality CBD oil
  • Easy to take on the go
  • All the advantages of industrially grown, organic hemp
  • Vegan gel capsules
  • Ideal for headaches
  • Available in large quantities
  • Gluten free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fits every diet

Don’t you like the taste of CBD? Then the intake of capsules is the optimal solution

No matter what taste of CBD oil you prefer, the taste takes some time getting used to. Usually, you get used to the taste after some time, but some people cannot get used to the taste or would prefer a simple form of intake. For people who want to take CBD quickly and easily, the CBD capsules are ideal. CBD capsules can be taken comfortably with water or another beverage and offer taste neutrality.

How do CBD capsules work?

Like all CBD oil products, CBD capsules are involved in your endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for balancing your body. It consists of endocannabinoids (similar to external cannabinoids such as CBD but produced by the body), cannabinoid receptors and enzymes.

When something is out of balance—if you have anxiety or chronic pain for example—your endocannabinoid system uses these receptors to communicate with your brain or the part of your body that is out of balance. Endocannabinoids and external cannabinoids such as CBD bind to these receptors to support this interaction. When you take a CBD capsule, you give your endocannabinoid system a boost of extra cannabinoids to be more effective in your work.

cannabis gel capsules

For example, if you are experiencing chronic pain, CBD binds to the pain receptors in your brain, increases your mood and adjusts your brain perception, while it binds receptors in the inflamed area and reduces the physical inflammation and associated pains.

What makes CBD so powerful is that it works particularly effectively in fighting and relieving unbalanced elements in your body, just like your endocannabinoid system.

Do CBD Pills contain THC?

No, you won’t get high with CBD. The effects are not comparable to cannabis. In fact, CBD oil contains little or no THC. THC is the substance that influences the human psyche and is responsible for the “high” people feel when they consume marijuana.

Why CBD capsules?

The oil contained in the capsules is the same as that available in pipette vials. However, there is a difference in the body’s uptake. CBD oil is normally dripped under the tongue, which is then absorbed through the mucous membranes. As a result, the CBD is absorbed very quickly by the body. The oil in capsules is only released once in the stomach and is therefore only absorbed by the body after it is in your stomach.

Vegan capsules

Most brands use capsules that are 100% vegan. As a result, the capsules are not only suitable for every person, but vegan capsules dissolve faster in the body. This allows the CBD to be absorbed by the body more quickly.

How much oil is in a capsule?

This depends on which capsule you use. One capsule contains, in most cases, the amount of CBD containing ten drops of CBD oil of the appropriate concentration. A 5% capsule, therefore, contains ten drops of 5% CBD oil.

The CBD is produced through a “cold production.”

The hemp oil in these capsules is deliberately not heated during the production process. We have deliberately opted for this gentle method in the development of our capsules.

How many CBD pills should I take?

The dosage that best helps you to take the capsules varies from person to person. As a general rule, we recommend starting with one CBD pill per day for a few days. If you achieve the desired result during this time, you can continue with one capsule per day. If you have not reached the desired result after 14 days, then you can increase the dosage to two capsules per day.

How should I take the capsules?

We recommend placing the capsule on the tip of the tongue and then taking it with a large glass of water. An advantage of the capsule is that you always take exactly the same dosage. When you take the capsules does not matter, you can choose the time of use according to your own wishes. Even taking the CBD capsule on an empty stomach causes no discomfort.

The difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules

What differentiates CBD oil from CBD capsules? The answer is very simple. The CBD capsules are filled with the same CBD oil as you can buy in the vial. The difference depends on the type of intake.

Do CBD Capsules Have Any Side Effects?

CBD can bring some side effects, including, for example:

  • fatigue
  • low blood pressure
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth

However, as these side effects have not been fully demonstrated, many experts believe that cannabidiol is generally safe for health.

Do CBD capsules treat chronic pain?

Chronic pain occurs when pain persists in certain parts of the body for an extended period of time. Factors such as injuries, sprains, inflammatory processes or sleep disorders can also play a role here.

Chronic pain can be very individual and often severe and not only restrict training, but also have a lasting impact on the quality of life of those affected. They should not go unnoticed as chronic pain can cause irreversible damage.

Several studies show that cannabidiol can be useful in the treatment of chronic pain. In this way, very different parts of the body are addressed.

The cannabidiol in CBD capsules can have a positive effect on the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). Scientists have found that our ECS is responsible for the perception of pain.

Conclusion – Buy CBD capsules

We offer a wide range of products, all available in different shapes and sizes. That is why it is important to know which product suits you best. Whether you are looking for cheap CBD capsules or an effective, high-quality product that meets your individual needs, you will find exactly what you are looking for when you shop with us.

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