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CBD Cannabidiol

CBD and your pets

You know it’s a big story when we’re getting reaction before we even stock the shelfs. It is a new option to help pets in pain, CBD oil derived from hemp does not contain THC the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of safety concerns Jonny CBD here now with what you need to know before considering this for your dog or cat.

Yeah and I mean we’re all pet owners were all dog owners many people don’t know a lot about this product but just in the last 24 hours in talking with a lot of friends people have said it saved their dog’s life other people said they just don’t know much about the product itself.

Well I want to share an important experience with you that’s about my best friend and loyal companion Sterling my fawn doberman. He was so playful back 12 year ago and became a patient of many vets to be treated for pain he has been going to see one doctor for quite a long time for acupuncture and he’s taking a drug called gallop rant and it’s been helping him really well but we had noticed about a month or two ago that he just wasn’t doing as well as he used to. Sterling was experiencing he was limping after walks and stiffness and it wasn’t as he didn’t want to go on walks, just struggling with pain. That’s when the doctor added CBD oil to Sterlings treatment plan.

OMG Sterling… doing amazing! Most people are using it for pain and so animals that have osteoarthritis or chronic pain from something else it may be of great benefit but while CBD oil is available for pets, there’s not a lot of research on its benefit yet, there’s only been one really good study done at Cornell and it did show that it had some benefit in helping arthritis pain.

Not all CBD oils are the same and you want a high quality one for your pet it’s concentrated from large amounts of hemp so there’s an inherent danger when you’re giving the CBD oil in that it not only concentrates the oil it can also concentrate impurities things like heavy metals that may have been in the the soil that were taken up by the hemp plant if it was sprayed with a pesticide. You should check with your veterinarian before you give it to your pet, there are no dosing guidelines for this product and many people are going to be giving it at all sorts of doses for any sort of reason when an animal comes in and it is in pain.

New World CBD is very high grade and recommends using tried-and-true methods. Sometimes these things work but not quite well enough when we want to try something different, and so we’ll try the cannabidiol for about two or three weeks to see if it helps and for Sterling. It has helped we saw improvement he’s not backsliding as much not as stiff as much and he’s definitely not limping. My advice to other pet owners I know you can find it everywhere but I would trust going to a to your veterinarian and talking about it and see if it’s gonna you know is this right for my dog Sterling a sweet dog and you want to find the best CBD oil that is given orally and can be pricey, but that’s because you want to make sure that you have a higher quality product but you should see my Sterling, he is doing so much better it was a great name for a dog right, but because it’s such a wild west landscape of product you really need to talk this over with your vet. I think that’s really the best advice for any product that you’re testing out have a conversation with your doctor but understand, that the American Kennel Club says that there just haven’t been many studies in regards to the risk and the side effects if you want to see what the Food and Drug Administration says regarding hemp and cannabis products we have all that information on our website https://newworldcbd.com it’s definitely worth checking out thanks!

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