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Become a weed.co.za member and have access to our weed.co.za shop with big discounts, where you can get seeds, clones, flowers and concentrates. Weed has a membership option where you will receive special discounts, better value and more , plus receive your cool monthly weed box. Check below for our current specials. Related cannabis posts: […]


Everything you need to Know about Glass Bongs

What are Glass Bongs? Across the world, several countries are legalizing the growth, processing, and consumption of marijuana. Some people use it for medicinal purposes while for others it’s for leisure. Despite many other methods of consuming weed like edibles, many people still enjoy smoking. Using bongs remains the top favorite of most smokers. Related […]


Marijuana Packaging: How To Keep Weed Fresh

Marijuana containers, and specifically plastic sandwich bags, have been a wreck for most serious drug addicts. Certainly, we have struggled to find high quality distinctive marijuana packaging for our honest and organic marijuana that still satisfies consumer taste and legal demands. Related cannabis posts: The Do’s and Dont’s of storing Cannabis 8 infallible tricks for […]

cannabis buyers guide

420 Buyers Guide from Smoketools.com

There are so many tools available to cannabis consumers these days it is sometimes hard to make a decision as what to buy or how to deliver your cannabis efficiently or effectively. To use your cannabis flowers as best as possible each cannabis connoisseur needs a couple basic tools to get themselves started. For starters […]

Prince of Pot in South Africa.

Marc Emery landed in South Africa on Tuesday the 19th February 2019 and will be touring up the East Coast of South Africa meeting and greeting many South African activists along the way. He will be attending and hosting talks in many cities and towns during the course of the next week. Related cannabis posts: […]