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AirVape Legacy

Airvape Legacy vs PAX 3

AirVape Legacy review The AirVape Legacy is one of the premium cannabis vaporizers priced at $ 300 US. The Legacy marijuana Vaporizer is made by Apollo Vaporizer (AirVape). The Legacy is a wireless charging smart convection vaporizer for the high-end cannabis connoisseur. Today we take a view at this long-awaited new portable cannabis vaporizer designed […]

dap pens reviews vaporizer

Smoking vs Vaping vs Dab

Whether you choose to, blaze, vape, or dab Cannabis, recreationally or for Medicinal purposes, the one thing that everyone wants from Cannabis, Is EVERYTHING. And with good reason, as has been proven through decades of positive results from countless clinical studies and ongoing research trials. The end results for users, is a variety of ways […]

dap pens reviews vaporizer

8 infallible tricks for newbie weed vaporizers.

Vaporizers are completely changing the way we consume marijuana, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. In this article, we discuss simple tricks that will help you use your dry herb vaporizer correctly. Best Weed Vaporizer Related cannabis posts: Atmos Vicod 5G: Fast, Efficient and Affordable A Green Society: Vaping Reviews Airvape Legacy vs PAX 3 […]

dap pens reviews vaporizer

Everything You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

We’ve been hearing about CBD a lot lately. If you’re a member of the vaping community, you probably even had the chance to vape CBD oil. For those who are not huge fans of vaping but still want to try out CBD, you can even purchase a CBD oil balm. Related cannabis posts: 8 infallible […]

A Green Society: Vaping Reviews

Without a doubt vaping is the most effective and efficient way to consume cannabis these days when taking everything into account. Vaping started off in the early 1990’s as a healthier way to quit combusting tobacco in cigarettes.  Since the early years vaping was quicly adopted by the cannabis community as a healthier way to […]

Vapes box mods

The beginner’s guide to vape modifications

If you have already discovered the worldwide craze of vaping then you may have already heard of the term vape mods. If you are new to the e-cigarette world then you probably don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Don’t worry though as we are here to bring you a beginner’s guide into […]

Fresh Leaf CBD

Fresh Leaf CBD

After what seemed to be a no-end-in-sight battle against conventional FDA regulations “heavily backed” by Pharma and tobacco’s deep pockets who fought to maintain economic and market share, the Dedicated and Determined team from Fresh Leaf partnered up with Elysian labs to produce the top quality products as reviewed and tested by a growing number […]

slim vape pen

CloudV Slim Vaporizer

The CloudV Slim Vaporizer is the epitome of sleek and sexy with practical functionality at your fingertips that is available in Ultra-sleek Black or Chrome. Related cannabis posts: CloudV Slim Vape Pen DIY THC infused Eliquid for Personal Vaporizers Atmos Vicod 5G: Fast, Efficient and Affordable Storm Vaporizer & some Amnesia