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Smoke with Cane

superior joint support and air flow.

Does your joint always end up looking like a fresh fish? Try just the tip, smokewithcane.com bamboo smoking filters and rolling accessories to roll the perfect joint each and every time. Related cannabis posts: HOW TO USE A ROLLING MACHINE Roll Your Own With The Zig Zag Rolling Machine How To Use a Joint Roller!! […]

Australia Bongs

How to clean your glass bongs Australia

It’s no secret that glass bongs in Australia can get incredibly dirty. However, many people avoid cleaning them partly out of laziness and partly because they don’t know how to. Although the process may sound difficult and time consuming, it is actually really simple. Keep reading to find out how to clean your glass bong […]

Cannathlete discusses terpenes!

Jean from Cannathlete discusses terpenes and how to maximize your intake of cannabinoids from vaporizers. #cannathlete #vapexhale #whitefire #INEX #Darkhorsemma #sensichew https://www.facebook.com/CannaAthletes   Related cannabis posts: Facebook Tips for Cannabis Companies How To Convert Cannabis in Alcohol Online Shop ships directly to your door How To Make Cannabis Infused Vodka

DIY THC infused Eliquid for Personal Vaporizers

THC Cartridges A simple informational video on how to create your own cannabis infused vape juice. If interested in making your own vape juice out of herbal concentrates, click here: http://bloomsdays.com/#_l_1h and order your very own bottle of EJmix! It’s just that easy! Edit: I’ve discovered that the emulsions made will separate in 3-6 weeks. […]

Smoking Pipe – Novelty pipes for Weed

[youtube id=”dcJpeGnKp8w” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] This Saxophone novelty pipe is shaped like a Sherlock Holmes pipe and has a great, smooth draw. Originally we produced it because it was a fun novelty, but quickly realized it’s actually a really great pipe! Unlike others, this smoking pipe is made of Zinc, not aluminum, so it […]

Amsterdam Weed

[youtube id=”07gqKGQ0K4Q” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] Marijuana is obviously one of the major attractions for tourists visiting Amsterdam. We made a video covering the different kinds of weed we encountered on our visit there. This could come in handy to watch if you’ve never been before! [youtube id=”SQVogwcVStc” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] Today we Learn […]

Kashit Cool Water Pipe Accessory: Smoke Cartel Review #32

[youtube id=”nlUfYrXsSMw” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] https://www.smokecartel.com/products/kashit-cool-water-pipe-mouthpiece Increase your smoking experience by using the Kashit Cool by Kashit Innovations. This is the world’s first universal cooling mouthpiece attachment. It features a built-in antimicrobial agent to keep your pieces free of stains and odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. A specialized cooling agent also delivers […]

How to smoke cannabis without a paper or pipe.

[youtube id=”wGkIV7NRWh0″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] Everyone is always asking “how do I smoke my bud without a pipe or papers? ” it’s easy… just smoke the bud itself… from start to finish… and here is how… #PuffitMafia #BreakingGreen #NotAllStoners #EducateB4UMedicate #TheSmokeSession #OldSchoolOrganics #MarijuanaintheNews #BudGrower #chrisbudgrower  #FourTwenty #high4life #420life #NugLife #TopShelfOnly #TopShelfLife Video Rating: / […]

Bud and Breakfast: BONG APPÉTIT

[youtube id=”CSDc7_mWIXo” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] On this episode of Bong Appetit, Abdullah is in Seattle to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned Pacific Northwest cannabis hospitality. His first stop is the production facility for Craft Elixirs, where founder Jamie Hoffman concocts cannabis-infused elixirs for all kinds of applications from French toast to tiki cocktails. Abdullah […]

New Yorkers Try the Knockout Challenge: Weed/Beer Pong

Could you chug a brew and rip a bong hit at the same damn time? These brave souls tried their best.​ [youtube id=”8kHIQNyu8KQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] PRODUCER – KEITH CECERE LINE PRODUCER – REBECCA NILES POST SUPERVISOR – DAN KANE CAMERA – PAUL PEREZ-GALAN ANDREW MARULANDA SOUND – MAX MELLMAN DEPUTY EDITOR VIDEO – […]