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Most expensive Cannabis Strains

The most expensive cannabis in the world is featured in this video. Some going for as high as $1500 per gram or seed. Some of these strains featured are not even sold on the open commercial cannabis market. Related cannabis posts: Most Expensive Marijuana Strains – TomoNews 5 Cannabis Strains That Will Unlock Your Creativity […]


Spacetiva – An Animated Series

Spacetiva was born in Wooster Ohio in the uncertain days of the pandemic, where hopes were grim and times were tough. Having moved recently, I only had Astro, my dog, with me. Together, the two of us depended upon each other for support and love, and that is what we did for each other. Related […]

Cannabis Dispensary

GTA Dispensary: Cannabis Canada

Going into 2019 Canadians will have alot more options available to them when thinking about cannabis and which products to buy. It seems that hundreds of both online and offline pot shops have started offering pre rolled joints, flowers, edibles, concentrates amongst many other cannabis consumables. Most of the legal pot sales have taken place […]

New Yorkers Try the Knockout Challenge: Weed/Beer Pong

Could you chug a brew and rip a bong hit at the same damn time? These brave souls tried their best.​ [youtube id=”8kHIQNyu8KQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″] PRODUCER – KEITH CECERE LINE PRODUCER – REBECCA NILES POST SUPERVISOR – DAN KANE CAMERA – PAUL PEREZ-GALAN ANDREW MARULANDA SOUND – MAX MELLMAN DEPUTY EDITOR VIDEO – […]

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

New research is pointing toward a future in which cannabinoid therapy -wether derived from the whole plant or single-cannabinoid extracts plant extracts -may be an effective  treatment for a wide range of diesases that affect humans as well as our canine companions. CBD for pets is a viable treatment for our pets to live a […]