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Short Description: Online head shop, With cheap glass bongs, pipes, 510 atomizers, vapes tanks, and dabbing needs all from the comfort of your own home.
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Here at 2muchthc we pride ourselves on our need to serve the daily smokers needs. We offer a ride varitey of products we have Glass Bowls Glass Bongs Metal pipes. 2-3-4 pc grinders, Pollen presses and even stuff that your normal headshop just doesn’t have. We have lights torches butane lighters. You would rather smoke wax? We have everything you need to comatose. From e-nails all the way to carb caps. We maybe just getting into the industry But we want to prove are selfs to be very repuable But its gonna take help from people just like you. We hope to have your support along the way.
we add 10-15 products a weeks in all of the collections. Get to know us. Check us out.
Tell me if you think there is something we can do/better or anything were missing. Didn’t find what you were looking for? I will personally e-mail a link for the item with a discount code from the trouble. We here at 2muchthc beleive customers come first. You wont be disappointed. We really love weed. Do you?

Website Address: Do you really love weed?
Instagram : Like I love weed?
Address: Cape Town
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AmaDab is a South African born premium resource for laboratory extraction equipment, Across International vacuum ovens, pumps, glassware, PTFE accessories as well as locally made titanium nails and dab tools.

We proudly offer full extraction solutions to our customers! Just email us for a quote on any closed loop extraction system or purging equipment and we will customise a quote to suit your needs.

We manufacture and source only the highest quality products to meet food and medical standards.

Website Address: www.amadab.co.za
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AVE40 is connected with Alibaba. Established in 2013, AVE40 grows with a 280-person team for business development and services. Passionate and energetic, the team offers a wide array of vapor products with their considerate services. In 2016, AVE40 tops its sales volume of over 75 million US Dollars.

AVE40 covers over 1,000 vapor shops and major online stores in China, taking 80% of the domestic customer groups.

Website Address: www.ave40.com
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BC Medi Chronic
Address: Canada
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At BC Medi Chronic, our main objective is to provide safe and legal access to quality medicinal cannabis for patients Canada-wide.
With 10+ years of experience in the industry, we have always made it our number one priority to ensure all of our patients receive the best medicine possible.

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Bobby Greenhash Foundation
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The Bobby Greenhash Foundation is a philanthropist organisation dedicated to helping anybody on this planet who needs information, advice and support in the use of natural Cannabis Hemp and Medical Marijuana Dagga extracts, traditional medicines and natural healing.
Based in Zululand on the northern coastal region of Kwa Zulu Natal, The BGF has been extensively involved in the research and development of Cannabis and other natural medicines.
BGF Bio technologies, a division of the Bobby Greenhash Foundation, is Africa’s first privately owned and commissioned laboratory that will soon be opening testing services to the public in late 2017.
All of our Cannabis based products are made from the purest Swazi Landrace strains, grown 100% organically in greenhouses in neighboring Kingdom of Swaziland.
The BGF is a proudly African company, dedicated to finding African solutions to African problems.
The Bobby Greenhash Foundation was founded in memory of all of the millions of people that have become victims, to all of those who have been abandoned by the system, all of those who have lost hope.
“Amicus Humani Generis”
Bobby Greenhash

Cell: +27717180880
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Address: Cape Town
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Bongalong: The brand for Legalisation…
we sell and make products focussed on giving the user the best value for money and an exceptional experience.
On the 29th of August 2013, Bongalong™ was born – registered and trademarked. During this time I was finishing off a 3 year course in Industrial Design. From what I learned about how corporations use specific tools to get what they want, I realised that I could use these same techniques to try and do some good in the world. I also realised that using my skills to boost myself and my own ego would never lead to real happiness. I decided to apply my skills to do stuff that would benefit others.

I wanted to design a bong that smokes like a dream, looks like it belongs in a french wine botique and supports socially sound and sustainable practices. Of course there were quite a few things to do: Designing of graphics and a website, product development and implementation, packaging, strategising and all sorts of really corporate things… Eventually, Bongalong produced the “Naughty Vase”. Finally sales began, with the money made from this first designer item I could grow the company

Website Address: www.bongalong.co.za
Cell: +27761296812
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top quality vaporizers without emptying your wallet!
dank!  is the UK’s #1 online shop for high quality, portable vaporizers!

Our primary focus is to serve YOU, providing some of the finest customer service in the industry.

We have a lot of fun testing literally dozens of vaporizers but our goal is serious : Providing reliable, top quality vaporizers without emptying your wallet!

guaranteed best prices

Website Address: https://dankvapes.eu
Euro Papers
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Order your €100 euro rolling papers now.
Smoke with class!

Website Address: https://euro-papers.com
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Green Dragon Cannabis Co
Address: 930 W. Byers Place
Denver, CO
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Green Dragon, voted #1 recreational dispensary in Colorado, operates 12 locations throughout Colorado and offers top quality products at the best prices by growing in state-of-the-art cultivation facilities. Green Dragon offers a different type of shopping experience from the traditional dispensary. No high pressure sales; just great customer service with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.



Phone Number: 970-480-0680
Green Smoke Room
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Green Smoke Room was established with the aspiration to provide its african smoker community with:
Bongs, Pipes,Grinders, Rolling Papers,Digital Scales, Accessories, Vaporisers,Books and GSR Clothing at great prices.

Website Address: www.greensmokeroom.com