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Weed Seeds Australia
Address: Australia
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We stock premium grade medical and cannabis cup winner strains, grow guides, fertilisers, grow boosters, mould & pest control products plus more.

Growing your own weed couldn’t get any easier if you’re with us. We have taken the time out to research what goes into a plant to make sure it’s a beauty. Weed Seeds Australia take pride in making sure our customers are completely equipped with the right knowledge of marijuana strains, soil, fertilisers, pest and diseases etc before growing.

To start you off, we have a free outdoor grow guide for you to follow. After that, it is recommended you purchase the perfect strain for you, good quality soil, fertilisers and mould & pest control products to ensure your grow goes well.

Amsterdam Seedshop
Address: Netherlands
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This is one of the oldest cannabis seed company in Europe and the entire globe. The Global seedbank or The Original Amsterdam Cannabis Seedshop is one of the highest quality cannabis cultivators in The Netherlands. Banking on cannabis cultivation that spanned more than three decades, the amsterdamseeds original team produces the highest quality Feminised and Regularised seeds. As the first online cannabis business, with a few years offline, The Global Seedbank original team has been re-assembled to produce the same cannabis strain the company was known for since 1985.

Biltong and Budz
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Biltong and Budz is a homegrown South African online store that retails biltong, cannabisseeds and companion plants seeds. They provide quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices. Excellent service and after sales support.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram or buy directly from their website.


Cana Seeds
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CanaSeeds provides access to affordable and high quality cannabis seeds across Canada. Growers can find legendary seeds including regular seeds, autoflowering, feminized, CBD, indica/sativa/hybrid and clones.

For those looking for cheap cannabis seeds will find some of the least expensive prices among Canadian cannabis seed sellers. CanaSeeds.com is quickly growing and you’ll have access to thousands of seeds so you can take pride and enjoy your own homegrown marijuana.

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Cannabis Seed Trader
Address: 11923 NE Sumner St, STE 725662, Portland, Oregon, USA
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Cannabisseedtrader.com is a personal blog about cannabis seedbanks, cannabis seeds and reviews. The blog is updated with fresh cannabis content weekly and goes into detail about the many cannabis strains available from reputable seedbanks.

Phone Number:
+1 (541) 394-0100
Degenetica Seeds
Long Description:

Welcome to the About Degenetica Seeds section of the website. Here you can discover the stories behind many different facets of this legendary seed company, from its beginnings as one man’s passion and a small collection of very special seeds to the impact that the Degenetica gene bank has had on medicinal marijuana and the culture of cannabis in the Netherlands and beyond.

Degenetica Seeds has expanded over the last few decades to include sister companies devoted to industrial hemp, to educating the public on the true effects and potential of cannabis, and even to pure relaxation in beautiful surroundings. All branches of the company are founded on the same ethic: it’s not just about Degenetica Seeds, it’s about the plant.

Medicinal users and anyone interested in the medicinal properties of marijuana will find useful and relevant advice and background information in the Medicinal Cannabis section.

We hope you find the website useful and entertaining, and we thank you for your interest in learning more about Degenetica Seeds.

+316 263 45 108
Groen Seeds
Long Description:

For the love and preservation of dependable strains and superior genetics.

Passionate about the preservation of genetics!
We are proudly South African

We are experienced farmers


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Sticky Seeds
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When you shop online with Sticky Seeds you can be confident that you will only receive the highest quality strains at the lowest prices. Our online, UK based, cannabis seeds shop only stock strains from well respected breeders from across the globe! We ship our products to the UK, USA & Europe. Just take a browse around our online store and find hundreds of juicy, stinking marijuana strains that are sure to get you drooling!

The Seeds Depot
Address: United Kindom (UK), Australia, Canada, USA
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We have updated our shop to cover every type of marijuana seed strain and even added seed mix packs. Did I mention that you get free shipping on every single order? If you want to get the best deal for your money to consider buying mix packs or apply our special deals. If you are in search of a reliable seed bank that will guarantee you success then start shopping. Are you looking to buy top quality feminized seed? You may need to start growing instead of spending your money every week.