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My name is Petey Wheatstraw, also known as Brother From Another Planet (BFAP), also known as Gordon Gartrell. Creating irreverent monikers for myself is only part of my passion. Spending time with family and working for all those delegated to the sidelines are some of my others.

I firmly believe Cannabis legality is a human rights issue. Far too many people, especially those of color, have found themselves on the receiving end of Draconian drug laws propagated to fill privatized prisons in numbers akin to a sanctioned holocaust. This must end. While KushCA is all about the fun and irreverent side of Cannabis culture, I will not shy from bringing some real conversations to the coffee table and subsequently “harsh a few people’s buzz”. So be it. I’ll be that one friend who prattles on about the Illuminati and you don’t even have to pass me the blunt.

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