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Cannabis Marketing and Promotion

At cannabis promoter you will be provided with almost anything that has to deal with cannabis from cannabis cultivation to vaporizer reviews, you got it all covered here. Cannabis promoter can assist you with cannabis  content, promotion, marketing and business networking. So you can focus on planting your seeds and growing for a better future. They have a digital marketing team that is 100% behind the cannabis movement and they also have a social capital market of about 100000 followers worldwide in which can target your adverts/content to audiences in specific geographic locations. More than 3 billion people are accessing the Internet today, digital marketing and promotion is not only appealing, but also a necessity for cannabusinesses establishing their brands and products online.


What they do

You get assistance with any cannabis concept from the initial planning stages through to development and finally maintenance. They have years of experience dealing with consultants, suppliers, and product developers. Furthermore, they extend traditional PR strategies into the digital space by bringing out polished content marketing skills to the mix. Digital content should be agile, nimble, fast, effective, and catchy. And it needs to be sticky, and this is done through;

  • Digital PR strategy (hand-in-hand with traditional)
  • Adaptation or creation of press releases for digital format
  • Original Content Creation
  • Blogger relations and engagement
  • Twitter influencer relations and engagement
  • Mass email creation, sending and reporting
  • Digital media liaison, relations & publishing
  • Infographic design
  • Digital visibility and SEO management
  • Online Reputation Monitoring (ORM) and management
  • Insights and Reporting

Cannabis promoter creates curates and moderates your content. Once Cannabis Promoter has created stories that you want to engage your audience with, they don’t only curate eye-catching, sticky content for thousands of followers. Their role is then to manage and moderate that content, continuously engaging with your growing online cannabis communities. They help clients to promote, share and distribute their work, their brand ideals and their unique thought leadership to the relevant stakeholders using the perfect combination of digital and social media platforms and they do this through;

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content curation
  • Content creation
  • Editorial management
  • Community development, growth and nurturing
  • Thought Leadership

They facilitate the integration of cannabis and technology. Depending on your objectives and needs, cannabis promoter can fulfill almost any technology requirement for your website presence, social platform, blogging, mobile app or even an online game.

This services include:

  • Domain management
  • Website Hosting – United States, Sweden, South Africa
  • Secure Private mailboxes
  • Online security for your Website and Office.
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Development
  • Online Brand Management
  • Mail List Management, Bulk Emailing and Analytics

How they do it

First; they understand what your business objectives are, the audiences you wish to reach and what you want to achieve for your cannabusiness online. After asking lots of questions and doing an audit of your current digital footprint, they propose a bespoke solution with effective, targeted brand storytelling. Their strategy is informed by a broad and deep experience in successful content marketing and take the open source, mobile-first approach as often as possible. They know how to get brands out there, affordably and effectively. The process followed is customised to your business, but includes:

  • Online audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Digital roadmap design
  • Target and ROI setting
  • Editorial content development
  • Digital design and recommendations
  • Interface and usability recommendations

There really is no end to the ways cannabis promoter can help you. The only limit is your imagination. So try cannabis promoter and find out for yourself if they’re right for you. Contact us today!

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