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Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis Curing and Packaging

Cut, dry and pack of cannabis packaging

The cultivation does not end with the cut of the flowers (Buds in the case of industrial or medicinal cannabis plants). Cannabis sativa is like ham. If it is not cured, it is York ham, but if it is dried and appropriately cured, it becomes serrano ham.

How to make a proper drying and curing of marijuana?

We have to carry out several processes so that our medicinal cannabis flowers are in perfect condition after harvesting and that they maintain all their organoleptic characteristics up to two years later.

What is cannabis packaging of manicuring?

Manicuring is the process of trimming and removing any sheet that does not contain resin, leaving only those that are loaded or impregnated. We have several options, but we will only cover the two most used.

1. Manicure with the plant still alive and hydrated with a scissors Bud Clean or similar. This will help the loss of moisture in the plant to be faster, as it does not contain as much plant mass and thus improve the buds to be more aerated, avoiding a possible fungal bud rot such as Botrytis.

2. Manicure the marijuana plant already cut and dried. Some growers perform this manicuring because they manage to keep the buds more protected from possible external friction that damages the valuable trichrome and to protect them from light with their leaves, thus preventing them from degrading.

How to dry marijuana?

We must select both how we are going to dry them and the best area in terms of temperature and humidity to carry out the drying process correctly. Generally, we will look for a dry, cold and dark place and we will use around dryer for cannabis, it is the most practical way to dry it. The ideal temperature and humidity would be between 17ºC and 20ºC, and the thickness should be between 40% and 60%, with a thermal hygrometer, we can know these parameters without problems. We must also have a slight circulation and renewal of the air, so it is necessary to use an oscillating fan and a small resumption of the air daily.

Now you can buy machines to dry marijuana very quickly, in just 72hr.

Finally, let’s talk about darkness. We must dry the cannabis plants in a completely dark place to keep our resin 100%, and thus preserve both its organoleptic potential and all the potency.

The cure; Techniques to improve the taste and smell of cannabis.

The last step that we must take before we can use the buds of the self-cultivation is the cure of the grass. During this process, the previous chinks of chlorophyll are eliminated (it is what gives a headache when vaporizing or smoking marijuana) and achieving the ideal humidity point for a perfect texture of our buds.

We can buy a box of special curing for cannabis (they are similar to the canvas for cigars but of porous wood) or place our precious buds in a clean, airtight container and if possible opaque, such as Tightvac conservation boats. Whenever we do this process, we should not fill the box where we will cure to the maximum, to avoid the possible appearance of the botrytis fungus or rot by inadequate aeration of the buds, thus losing the aromas and flavor’s and creating hogs that can be harmful to the Health. Once we have introduced the buds in the chosen curing vessel, we must aerate them and carefully remove them during the first few days, approximately 1 to 2 times a day, to progressively eliminate both chlorophyll and moisture that our buds still contain. This process will take about 15 to 30 days, depending on the thickness of the buds, the area where we grow and the time of the year.

How to pack marijuana?

The cannabis packaging process is carried out once we have our buds perfectly manicured, dried and cured. Since if they still contain a certain degree of humidity, they could rot due to the appearance of fungi. To carry out a correct cannabis packaging and to be able to conserve our marijuana during a long intact season we can use different means for the packaging such as the iron conservation Bag or the small or large VacuMax Bag depending on the amount of plant material to be conserved. And to have reserves until next year of cultivation with the quality intact you can freeze the buds once they are high vacuum packed in a domestic freezer.

To buy all packaging cans, curing boxes, vacuum packing machines and drying nets browse the categories of our grow shop and discover the latest offers.

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Cannabis Packaging

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