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Cannabis Crypto Currency

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One of the biggest stumbling blocks in the legal cannabis trade is the money. People have always said “cash is king”, but legal cannabusiness owners are literally transporting wheelbarrows of hard currency. This is due to the financial sector keeping a safe distance from the cannabis market due to federal law prohibiting financial transaction involving cannabis, even-though many states have liberated both recreational and medical marijuana use.

This has opened up loopholes for ganjapreneurs wanting to get involved in both the legal and illegal market. Its called Blockchain and if you have not heard about Bitcoin you have been living in a cave. Cannabis cryptocurrency‘s have established themselves and becoming more popular by the day. Within the cannabis industry, safe, secure and reliable cryptocurrency’s are fast becoming the preferred choice of transactions. Pot coin, smoke.network, cannabis coin, cannation and cannacoin are the largest communities of blockchain currencies flooding the market.
These currencies and communities based on blockchain are ultra-secure, anonymous, peer-to-peer digital coins providing banking solutions for cannabusinesses around the world. These payment solutions are providing the underserved marijuana industry with significant transaction and cost savings. Blockchain can be scaled from mom and pop shops to enterprise solutions.

One may ask how do I get involved in such a system? There are many options available such as potcoin or a more popular commercial option is Bitcoin. You simply register for an account with Coinbase and setup your wallet. This will allow you to receive or send fast and cheap global payments.

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