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Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Safely

Buy cannabis seedsWith the changes in laws of cannabis around the world and especially in the United States, the time is now to get going with one of the worlds oldest agricultural plants, Cannabis.

Although growing cannabis is as easy as growing a garden tomato, there are many points to keep in mind before purchasing your first set of cannabis seeds.

1. First and foremost it is always a good idea to check your state laws before going out and purchasing seeds. States like California and Colorado allow adults to grow a certain amount of plants in their own home, but there are regulations to stick to. You will need to understand these before planting your valuable seeds in the garden.

The U.S spent 3,6 billion dollars per year on marijuana arrests only while with this money, we could cover the medical cost for 120,000 patients with coronavirus. Check out this infographic for more visualised data.

2. Seeds are available in thousands of varieties through online seedbanks, offline cannabis shops and dispensaries. The many names can be a daunting task to sift through, so doing a bit of homework first is a good idea and will set you on the right path. If you are growing for medical reasons, you may have a certain strain you are interested in. If its your first time, it might be a good idea to start with a seed you saved from some good smoke.

3. With the growth of the cannabis industry, many unscrupulous seed vendors are making fortunes by marketing and selling cannabis seeds. Check reviews online or ask a trusted buddy for recommendations on where to purchase.

4. Do your homework before. Do you have the space and time to grow your seeds? Make sure you are not breaking any laws or regulations! Most of all enjoy the experience of growing a majestic plant and the satisfaction of enjoying your own homegrown.

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