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History of Bongs

Although Asia is accredited with widespread and popularity of water pipes during the Ming Dynasty of the 16th Century, some people still believe that the first type of water smoking pipe was used in Africa. Found in some remote areas of Africa there is massive proof which suggests that they were using earth pipes long before it became popular. These earth pipes functioned similarly to any other smoking device, but they are fixed into the ground. Research based on these earth pipes highly approves the fact that bongs originate from Africa. Over the last couple of years, we have seen different smoking devices in various forms. Thus, it would be too unjust to accredit only one culture with the discovery. There is a high possibility that there are ways of smoking used by old tribes and civilizations that no knows about.


How to dab

Dabbing is a very popular method of ingesting cannabis, and it goes with high tolerance users only. It usually refers to heating little amounts of marijuana concentrate with a titanium nail. A dab is also known as wax, and it often deals with smoking or vaping of cannabis concentrates. Dabbing usually requires the user to purchase a touch nail, and a pen vape ora mod with a tank made for concentrates.

Dabs are very powerful because it contains high amounts of concentrated THC.

  • Dabs are very powerful because it contains high amounts of concentrated THC.
  • You can also dab with water pipes, which are a safer alternative to dabs because it doesn’t irritate.
  • Dabs tend to be safer than smoking in joints or blunts, at equivalent doses.
  • Most dabbing enthusiasts enjoy a higher dose of THC that comes from dabs.
  • The high THC concentration in dabs can lead to hypertension and other side effects.
  • Dabbing equipment includes rig, electric nail, health stone, dab pen, pre-filled vape cartridges, t-waxing

Vortex Dab Glass Bong Rig

Vortex Recycler bong
Vortex Bong Recycler Rig 9″

Standing at 9″ inches tall this piece packs a considerable punch. The Vortex Dab Glass Bong Rig features a 14mm female joint that houses a 14mm male bowl banger which works together seamlessly to provide a clean and pleasurable hit that’s filled with aroma but causes less damage to the throat and lungs. This recycler bong is made from Premium-Quality Tempered Glass for Maximum Durability that won’t easily break and is very easy to clean.

Colorful Recycler Bong/ Rig

Colorful Bong Cannabis
Colorful Recycler Bong/ Rig

Measuring approx. 9” tall, this recycler bong has been designed with sustainability in mind. Furthermore, it pulls the water and smoke up to the top chamber as you hit, then the smoke and water are recycled back to the bottom through the hole in the center. Thus creating a cleaner, fresher, and better-tasting hit, which is perfect for concentrates.

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