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Boxing and CBD Isolate

If you think cannabis use is simply associated with lazy under-achievers, Think again. You may want to reconsider your opinion whilst dusting off your old running shoes and checking your blood pressure stats, before taking on some world renowned, hard-hitting pro-athletes who have incorporated hemp derived Pure CBD Isolate, into their daily health and fitness routines. Whether you’re a high-performance Boxing athlete, an amateur, retired, or just interested in improving or maintaining your health and wellbeing, CBD has a product to offer you.

Natural remedies are proving extremely popular with sports enthusiast, both professional and recreational, who choose to boost their sporting careers with natural alternatives that support their overall health and lifestyles. Both professional up-and-coming, as well as veteran boxers, are turning to natural CBD Isolate tinctures best known for unparalleled versatility, ranging from pain management to nutritional support. Popular products like Momma Dora Medicinal CBD crystals Isolate contains only Bio-Available, Pharmaceutical-Grade, CBD Isolate, and Food-Grade Vegetable Glycerin(e). No alcohol. No harmful solvents or chemicals and No thc.

CBD Isolate is actively used by, and publicly promoted by sponsored athletes from across the sporting realm. The professional sports world is constantly in the spotlight and riddled with debilitating injuries, that often affect athletes for the rest of their lives. Sadly too many of these shining performers become addicted to conventionally prescribed opioids, leading to multigame suspensions and ruined careers. Not anymore. WADA is the first major sports organization to acknowledge CBD as a “stand-alone compound separate from THC, which is the compound that causes the uplifting high, that cannabis in general, is better known for. 

Competitive, highly physical and hugely demanding. Both physically and mentally, Athletes in Boxing as well as others who share similar training regiments, agree on the benefits they have gained from using Natural Organic CBD tinctures. With the likes of MMA boxers, like former UFC heavyweight fighter, Kyle Kingsbury, who has been championing the medicinal use of cannabis, saying it eases anxiety and reduces muscle pain. Former NFL player Ricky Williams is another outspoken marijuana advocate, as well as a co-founder of a (what will soon be a trademark) cannabis-friendly gym. Former NHL player Riley Cote, launched the Hemp Heals Foundation, to spread the word about the many beneficial properties of hemp, as a natural and powerful complimentary supplement.

CBD has revolutionized the way we approach natural medicine, with many sports advocates even signing sponsorship deals with some of the biggest CBD companies currently in the business. Professional boxing is no different, and since WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) lifted their ban on Cannabidiol, a number of professional boxers have publically been in support of various CBD products. Sponsorship logos from cannabis companies now grace many jerseys in various sporting disciplines. Major league sports is a business that depends on viewership, when their viewers vote, sponsorships follow, and active sports people, are the ultimate brand ambassadors for CBD Crystals Isolate.

If you are going to incorporate CBD as a part of your boxing regime, or in your particular sport, make sure you read the fine print from global, as well as the World and U.S. Doping Agencies. Contact them about blood and urine collection analysis and sample processes.

Discover the difference Pure CBD Crystals Isolate can make in your health, and learn why alternative medicine is changing lives daily!”

Written By: Maritza Jay

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