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Best Ways to Consume Cannabis Discreetly

There are many reasons why you might want to be discreet when trying to get high. Sure, passing a blunt or a bong between friends is a nice bonding experience. But you won’t always be in friendly territory.

What if you want to get high at work to make the hours pass by a little faster? Or if you are out hiking with a group and don’t want to be judged? We all need to keep things private from time to time.

The smoke and smell of lighting up marijuana, however, are dead giveaways of what is going on. To avoid telegraphing that you are getting high, try these alternative methods of consuming cannabis.

1 – Tinctures

While tinctures are not the most discrete entry in this list, they do have advantages. They are compact, easy to apply, and require no preparation. You can just buy and use a tincture. Application is also very fast; you can get a couple of drops of the tincture under your tongue during a quick trip to the bathroom. Simplicity is what earns tinctures a spot in this list.

2 – Infused drinks

You can make cannabis milk by simply heating up the milk, adding ground up decarboxylated cannabis to it, and then letting the mixture over medium heat for forty-five minutes. The heat will infuse the milk with weed. The result is a delicious cannabis drink that you can have by itself, with added chocolate, or even add it to breakfast to get high over breakfast.

A lot of cannabis drinks are similarly easy to make. In a pinch, you can even just add cannabis powder to water and carry it around. Just make sure you mix the mixture before you drink it, and make sure the cannabis you are using has been decarboxylated to make it active when ingested. Cannabis ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, and smoothies are all good options to get high stealthily and on the go.

3 – Innocent-looking edibles

Most people vaguely familiar with weed know that cannabis gummies are a thing. If you are found carrying gummy bears in your pockets, people might ask some questions. But what about cookies, chocolate, or lollipops? You can even find cannabis jam in the market

CBD Edibles

Cannabis edibles come in all shapes and sizes. By going with less-known alternatives, you can avoid drawing suspicion as you go about your day. If you have the skills, you can make those edibles yourself. Just be aware that the more innocent an edible looks, the bigger the risks will be of someone else consuming it by accident.

4 – Capsules

There are many ways to make cannabis capsules. The easiest one is to simply fill an empty gel capsule with cannabis oil or a tincture. The process might be a bit boring to do by hand, but once you have the capsules ready, all you need is an empty vitamin jar, and you have the perfect stealth delivery mechanism.

cannabis gel capsules

Not only are capsules easy to dose and easy to use without attracting suspicion, but having a bottle of vitamins on you won’t attract any suspicion. If you want to be specific, get a bottle of omega-3 supplements; those are often gels filled with an oily substance, just like your homemade capsules will be.You can use the same method to make discreet CBD capsules using CBD oil, which you can get from this website.

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