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Medical Marijuana Bud Shop

The Best Practices to Store Your Cannabis

Marijuana is becoming more and more legal in the United States, with some states legalizing recreational use. Marijuana packaging can be challenging to understand, but Marijuana storage is a whole other story. Marijuana has many forms: buds (the green stuff), kief (a concentrated form of cannabis that you smoke out of a pipe), hash (another […]


Spacetiva – An Animated Series

Spacetiva was born in Wooster Ohio in the uncertain days of the pandemic, where hopes were grim and times were tough. Having moved recently, I only had Astro, my dog, with me. Together, the two of us depended upon each other for support and love, and that is what we did for each other. Related […]

Cannabis Social Influencer

Spain’s best Grow shop

We have found a grow shop in Madrid (Spain) with a size of 500m2. The name is Growshop.es and it is an impressive establishment, where you can find all the products and varieties you can think about. A dream made true for all growers and people interested in this sector. Related cannabis posts: Indoor Marijuana […]

Purple Cannabis

Purple Pot – Purple Cannabis Strains and Info

Amongst the almost endless varieties of strains of cannabis available there are those gems that are known to change color as they approach their flower stage. A dominant variation to ‘normal’ green cannabis is the colour Purple. Related cannabis posts: Passion for Purple Marijuana Strains Best Marijuana Strains to get rid of back pain Amazing […]