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AirVape Legacy

Airvape Legacy vs PAX 3

AirVape Legacy review

The AirVape Legacy is one of the premium cannabis vaporizers priced at $ 300 US. The Legacy marijuana Vaporizer is made by Apollo Vaporizer (AirVape). The Legacy is a wireless charging smart convection vaporizer for the high-end cannabis connoisseur. Today we take a view at this long-awaited new portable cannabis vaporizer designed for loose leaf concentrates and oils.

The Legacy Cannabis Vaporizer is the one of most advanced devices manufactured to date by AirVape / Apollo Vaporizer. It has features and components like wireless charging, fast charging, clean convection heating, hemp textile, and animal-based leather.

AirVape Legacy Specifications

• The Legacy is designed for loose leaf concentrates and oils.

• Haptic feedback (vibration signal)

• Removable 18650, 3600 mAh battery

• Optimal warm-up of 15 seconds

• 30-second shutdown if no motion is detected (sensor technology)

• Precise temperature control from 200F to 440F

• USB-C fast charging + wireless charging (new feature in a portable vaporizer)

• The mouthpiece is ceramic.

AirVape Legacy

Air Vape Legacy Accessories

With the Air Vape, you get a USB cable and wall charger. Extra screens, some cleaning tools, a faux-leather case (meh), the instruction manual, and the unit itself.

Heating: Although the Air Vape claims to be a hybrid heating system, it would have to say that it leans more towards a complete driving system. I would also say that the whole unit gets a little warm. Temp 380 seemed over 400 to 410 on Crafty or Mighty, so I tend to keep the 350-360 range that ends up helping with overall battery life anyway.

Temp Options: The full temperature spectrum ranges from 200F to 428F and will reach temperatures of 360F-400F in approximately 30-45 seconds. Warm-up times are roughly average, however many new portable vaporizers heat up in about 20 seconds. It also uses a three or five-minute session timer.

Vapor Quality: The first rips are great tasting with gentle steam, but they fall off pretty quickly. As I mentioned earlier, I’d stick with the lower temperatures for the best tasting sessions. 350F-370F seems to be a good range.

Battery Specs: The Airvape uses a 1300 mah internal NON-replaceable battery, which is a bit weak. They had to use a smaller battery to get thin styling, but most other portables in today’s market will have 2500 mah or more.

Avg Charging Times: Typical charge times have averaged about 1 hour 20 minutes. The good news is that the unit does have pass-through charging so you can use it while it’s charging.

Charging Options: You can charge it via USB or use the included wall charger. The screen will display the battery level as it loads.

Overall, the Air Vape leaves something to be desired in the battery department. If you’re looking for a portable unit with better battery life, I will check out Pax 2 below.

AirVape Legacy

PAX 3 vaporizer

If you’re looking for something new, proven, and just as portable, I’d take a look at the Pax 3. It doesn’t come with a full digital display or full temperature spectrum, and the Airvape wins in the clouds, but I prefer the vapor quality, flavor, and temperature. Much more on the Pax 3. You also get almost 90 minutes of battery life on the Pax 3, which is more than double the Airvape XS and both charge in 90-100 minutes. Last but not least, Pax 3 comes with a ten-year warranty.

In the world of the portable device of vape, one name comes before all others, Pax Labs. This couldn’t be better exemplified than with its amazing Pax 3 Vaporizer. The Pax 3 takes convenience to a new level while enhancing revolutionary technology that made them a force to start with. It is no surprise that this fantastic model has become the flagship of the company.

Despite its size, the Pax 3 offers consistent results, well within the ranks of the bulkiest units. The taste is so good that it far outweighs the larger convection models, and the number of little extra touches that Pax Labs engineers have added makes this a particularly fantastic small portable vaporizer that will blow your mind.


•             3500mAh Battery

•             15 Second Heating

•             Mobile App

•             4 Default Temperature Settings

•             Dynamic Heat Modes

•             Precision Temperature with App

•             Concentrate Insert

•             Half-Pack Oven Lid

•             Lip Sensing Technology

•             Haptic Feedback

•             10 Year Warranty

The complete PAX 3 kit comes with everything you need, including the new wax and oil concentrate insert and a half-pack oven lid that ensures you get the same level of steam quality with half a bowl as if you were fully packed. The new attachments resolve the two most common complaints about PAX 2: that it is not wax compatible and does not work well in half bowls. Also included are replacement screens, nozzles, a multi-tool, and a carry bag. The full kit expands on what’s possible with PAX 3 and makes the overall experience feel more, well, complete.

Pax 3, despite being the slimmest vaporizer you could ever need to impress your girlfriend. The company has just changed the name of the product and has slightly modified some features of the Pax 2 processor.

It is complicated but straightforward; the Airvape 3 uses a standard auditory driving system and is much better than many models available on the market. The heating element in the vaporizer provides a clear path for an excellent taste and works quite well when used at the highest temperature.

The steam quality of Pax 3 is very different from that of Apollo, due to changes in temperature settings for dry herbs.

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