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Girl smoking weed

9 reasons why a girl who smokes weed is the perfect girlfriend

The herb simplifies life; All drug addicts know it. Set the mood soft, keep your head straight and always eliminate nonsense.

Like anything else, smoking pot is always better with someone with who does the same – specifically, a girl you really like.

Of course, there are times when you only want to smoke alone, walking aimlessly through the city at 3 am, hitting Kid Cudi, yet nothing compares to getting high on the person you love.

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Similarly, girls who get high, in my opinion, are also the best lovers. And it’s much deeper than the classic – “Oh, she smokes weed, she must be calm” – stereotype, which follows smoking pot like a few drops of Visine.

Girls who get high tend to be more creative. They tend to be a little rebellious, a little nervous. However, it is not that they are problematic, they only have free spirits (and a lot of Free People team), so you might think that you dress like The Dude of “The Big Lebowski.”

However, in my opinion, these women are always ideal for settling and staying awake. In this way, as long as your grass is correct and your baby is correct, you know it will be too. And that is a 40 oz game.

According to Stoner Girls Here are nine reasons why stoner girls are the best girlfriends.

9. She is good with her hands.

As a general rule (without pun intended), most true drug addicts are good with their hands and, if you can make a cone proper, you can always publish and roll my weed. And if you find a shorty with a roll-up game, be sure to keep it pressed.

Trust me, there is nothing sexier than seeing a girl cut a joint, or the front, with just a pair of elegant and well-groomed hands, or splitting a Dutchman with a red-painted nail. I guess it’s something visual, but it never goes out of style, at least not for me.

8. She does not sweat small things.

Most of the time, the conflicts that arise within relationships, come from the smallest shit. That said, when there are intense inverted emotions, these same small problems can sometimes double as the driving force behind a more serious lack of harmony among lovers.

Grass is crucial because it helps you keep things in perspective. You will think about the things that really matter to you, and those that don’t matter, you will forget.

Girls who smoke pot rarely sweat small things, like gossip or drama, because they understand that there is no time for that; It makes no sense.

7. She is good to share.

Stoner girls are the best girlfriends because the complete concept of smoking pot, in general, promotes the notion of sharing.

Whether “take two and pass” or corner the bowl, so that both get fresh snapshots of the bong: smoking weed and selfishness never coincide well.

Vital advice: if she leaves you a doobie clip in bed for when you wake up, before she leaves, that’s love, baby. Put a ring on it … and always make sure you do the same for her.

6. She thinks for herself.

People who smoke weed are judged. It’s frustrating; Most of the time it has no foundation, but, for the most part, it is also inevitable. Hello, that’s the way it is (insert the voice “Changes” from 2Pac).

In spite of everything, the girl who smokes marijuana doesn’t care what society says. She trusts her own intuition and understands: if she likes something, she doesn’t need more approval. This is evident from the OCB Slims package that hangs from your denim back pocket.

She has an independent mind and, most importantly, thinks for herself. I’m screwed with that.

5. She understands how to balance parts of life.

Yes, I understand, smoking pot is probably not the most responsible hobby one can learn. Even so, those who manage to find time to get high and also run their business in all other areas of life, however, in my opinion, are the most complete. Life is about doing the things you love.

True discipline is not demonstrated by escaping things, or avoiding them altogether, it is demonstrated through moderation and self-control. As long as you stay with your ambitions, there is always a time to take a flight.

4. She knows how to laugh

Simply put, when you go out with a drug addict girl, you will always laugh. And what else could you really ask for? With regard to relationships, laughter always seems to be the great equalizer. It reminds you that everything doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Although you may have spent most of the day arguing with your girl about something you will probably forget, once they both finally calm down and smoke together, they will remember why they are together at the first moment. place: because you are happier when they are together.

3. They will never get bored together.

As long as you two can smoke on something, you will never get bored. Sex is better tall. The food is better high. Entourage DVDs are better.

Everything is better when you are high and when you are lucky enough to get high with someone you love, there will never be a dull moment.

Weed allows you to appreciate the subtle beauties of life, such as spending a day walking in summer, or spending a night lying on the beach, shooting Tracy Chapman at a maximum volume, blowing Swisher smoke, singing out of tune.

2. It does not require much to be happy.

Marijuana smokers, by nature, generally do not require much maintenance (none of those puns were intended). While both are healthy and can find a couch to snuggle together, life is good on its own.

I mean, if you can find food for bombs and something decent on Netflix, you probably won’t hear a complaint from her for months.

While you may like high-end fashion or expensive meals, you know that you really only see such things as bonuses, and far from needs.

In the background, I would be just as happy with a J, a pair of sweatshirts and some Chinese food.

1. She has good taste in music.

Potheads have the best musical taste. I mean, pot smokers get general on a daily basis, so I thought there wouldn’t be much harm in doing one more. However, I agree with this.

There is a whole meditative aspect of burning. You need a certain level of feng shui to fully enjoy your encryption, and that starts and ends with your soundtrack.

I’m pretty sure that if my girlfriend ever asked me to put on some “Spitta” or “Jerry,” before turning it on, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. However, I suppose I would simply roll another and take it from there.

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Girl smoking weed

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