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420 Buyers Guide from Smoketools.com

There are so many tools available to cannabis consumers these days it is sometimes hard to make a decision as what to buy or how to deliver your cannabis efficiently or effectively.

Cannabis DealsTo use your cannabis flowers as best as possible each cannabis connoisseur needs a couple basic tools to get themselves started. For starters a grinder is important basic accessory that is needed to grind and convert your dry herbs to small bits for better combustion or vaporization.

There are many delivery systems available to cannabis consumers but many people still choose to use cannabis through the old traditional method of combustion. You may want to use a bong, blunt or even a pipe to consume cannabis in this way. A more efficient way to consume cannabis is through using vaporizers.From portable vaporizers through to desktop vapes. Smoketools.com offers a variety of quality vaporizer brands.

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Cannabis Brands

Dabbing is the most popular method of consuming cannabis concentrates and the dab market has evolved into a subculture filled with dab rigs, tools and accessories. Dabbing shatter, wax or even budder seems a far better consumption method and allows its user to enjoy a crisp, clear and potent effect.

You may just be after the simplest and most traditional way to smoke cannabis and that is using wraps, blunts or rizla. If you are not interested in rolling your own, maybe a pre-rolled cone is the easiest way for your joint to be the envy of the party. RAW is a well-known brand that offers quality pre-rolled cones that you can easily load with your favorite dry herb.

Browse smoketools.com for a full selection of smoking, vaping and cannabis accesories that will help you on the way to becoming a cannabis connoisseur. Good smoking, or vaping for that matter!

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