Will Donald Trump Be Good For Legalizing Marijuana?

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Donald Trump and his administration for the most part will probably be good for the Marijuana movement. Certain bits and pieces will be slower than maybe if a more vocal candidate was in office, but I personally think it’ll be better still than if Clinton took office. (The link for her video will be a bit further down below) Donald Trump is pro marijuana in general and wants the War on Drugs to end. His Attorney General? Eh.. not so much, but he DOES care about his votes and supporters, so I’m sure if he went BACKWARDS he’d lose support. Plus he’s got more important issues to worry about. Most importantly, it’s a state by state issue so I think it’ll go well.

Here’s why Hillary Clinton would’ve been bad for the MMJ movement in general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfXrvXfH14k

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Donald Trump’s stances on legalizing marijuana and why he’ll be good for the movement. Cannabis will be coming to more and more states over the next couple of years, and with President Trump I think all will go well.



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