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Why Dab Pens Are the Best Vaporizer Type

What’s up, today let’s talk about Dab Pens! What is a Dab Pen, how Dab Pens causes such ruckus out there in the market, who uses Dab Pens, where to buy one, and what makes it the BEST type of vaporizer of 2018? These are just common questions that we will tackle around today! Now, with all due respect and without further ado, let’s start!

What Is A Dab Pen Really?

Well, a Dab Pen basically is a vaporizer, it is a pen vaporizer designed for smoking or should I say vaping cannabis extracts. Now, Dab Pen has a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and some factors that attributed to its popularity. A common Dab Pen is composed of, of course, the heating part of the device which uses coils to heat up the load, the mouthpiece the part where you inhale the vapor, an atomizer that creates mist out of liquid substances, and batteries for the device to function. There are also custom-made Dab Pens that you can purchase out there if you are looking forward to a customized look that will suit your style and most importantly your needs.

Too Much Ruckus For A Vape!!!

It is undeniable that Vaporizers or simply called vape is gaining fast recognition nowadays. Thanks to the internet, its popularity spreads way too fast like a wildfire in the forest! It caused commotions that made all of us awe in utter shock. We all know that there are plenty of reasons why vaporizers caused such scene, especially, Dab Pens. Despite all of these reasons, it all boils down to one thing, Cannabis or Marijuana. I am one hundred percent sure that you will agree to me at this point, right? Now, don’t tell me you disapprove! For a number of reasons, Dab Pens and Cannabis are a perfect combination! Now, here are three points that I want to stress out:

First, it goes well with herbs/flowers, waxes, and e-juices. There are some types of Dab Pens that can be used with three types of load, some are two or only one. Probably the cheapest Dab Pen out there can only be paired with just a single type of load. Just like I said a while ago, the variety of Dab Pens out there is insanely huge.

Second, compared to other types of vaporizers let’s use desktop type vaporizers as an example to picture out the scenario. Dab Pens are much easier to carry along with you, especially if you love traveling, has an active lifestyle or if you want to vape while driving back home from work! While desktop type vaporizers are stationary! You can’t be traveling or vaping outside with that huge dab rig, right?

Third, Dab Pens are much cheaper. Compared to other types of vaporizers, Dab Pens is indeed cheap. You can own one for as low as $100 dollars. Not too much, don’t you think?

And we can continue this all day long but I prefer not to do that. There is much more we can talk about, so let’s move forward.

What Makes It The Best Of All Vaporizers Then?

Aside from Dab Pens, which is a pen-type vaporizer, we also have the desktop type and mod type vaporizers. The million-dollar question is, what makes it the best? Well, if you guys re-read what I just said above, those are some plausible reasons, right? And already acceptable enough but it’s not just that. It roots down way deeper than you think it is. Care to know what? If you’re that persistent why not! It is all for the love of smoking cannabis. Yes, you are not misreading anything here guys. No flashy excuses, just for the love for cannabis. You see, to explain this further, you can’t just wander around carrying a desktop type vaporizer, right? Think of it, Mod type vaporizers might be smaller than a desktop vaporizer but it does not suit your taste, or maybe it is still too big for you! See, the picture is getting clearer, right? That is the advantage of Dab Pens and other pen type vaporizers. It’s a perfect fit for everyone! It’s portable, cheap, and for the sake of the love for cannabis!

Advantages Of Using A Dab Pen Over Other Type Of Vaporizers

Now here are some Perks of Dab Pens, that you can’t possibly compare to other vaporizer types.

Versatility – Dab Pens and other Pen type vaporizers are highly versatile compared to mod type and desktop type vaporizers. You can carry them anytime and anywhere you want to.

Built and Designed for a single purpose – Dab Pens are created and designed specifically for dab consumption only. While there are manufacturers out there that creates Dab Pens that works with more than one or even three kinds of loads. Dab Pens is basically built for dabs giving it an edge towards other vaporizers. For you guys who are not so familiar what is a dab, let me explain. Dabs are concentrates of THC, (Tetrahydrocannabinol) meaning it gives stronger kick compared to your traditional flower/herb.

Easy to Operate – Dab Pens are pretty easy to handle. Once you understand how the components of your vaporizer work you will be fine. Keep in mind that Dab pens are commonly composed of three parts; the mouthpiece, the atomizer, and the battery. The mouthpiece is where you inhale, the atomizer is the device that turns vapor to mist, and the battery the power source of the device. The next thing to do is knowing the appropriate accessories to use for your device. These could be tweezers for loading concentrate, cleaning swabs, cases, and etc. Then selecting the right concentrate consistency that will suit your device well. You can choose from three (3) different types: budder, sugar or shatter. Looks like you would not run out of options! After learning what kind of consistency of the concentrate you wanted to use, loading the device’s chamber wouldn’t be a problem at all. Just load your device’s chamber and prepare for some dabbing! Anyways, user manuals come along in hand with the device when purchasing your own Dab Pen, so don’t worry too much!

I’m pretty sure that you are already convinced right now and that makes you want to own a Dab Pen already, right? Now in buying your Dab Pen, don’t forget these things.

Price – Well, some models of Dab Pens are affordable and you can safely say that it is indeed cheap. But saying that all Dab Pen are cheap is quite exaggerated enough because, in fact, it is not! Let’s look at the brighter side of this, the price is also a good indicator of quality, the more expensive something is, the better the quality it has.

Materials – Now, there’s a good reason why some Dab Pens are way more expensive compared to other models. This could be because of the materials used to build the device. Durable materials could only mean one thing for sure, BEST QUALITY!

Features – Always pick a Dab Pen that will offer you the best and don’t just settle for less. There are tons of models you can choose from so take your time choosing until you sought out what you are looking for and that offers the most value!

Warranty – Of course always look for warranty, this is also a good indicator that the Dab Pen you are eyeing to buy for is indeed promising. Every company manufacturers will always back up their products with warranty, this is to ensure consumers that the company values them and solidify trust.

Attachments or Inclusions – of course, it would be great if the product comes with free accessories, right? Not all Dab Pen manufacturers offer this so be diligent enough when choosing to buy your own Dab Pens. You might not know, you end up buying or spending too much on something that can be bought at the same price that offers more value!

Now, there’s a lot more to talk about this thing but what I mentioned above is already enough to give you the idea to make a buying decision. You can always read article reviews and watch video blogs about a certain Dab Pen product that you are dying to learn more about. What I’m telling you is before you buy something out there, do some research! Yes, Dab Pens are one of the best vaporizers, but not all offer the same experience.

Where Can I BUY Mine?

Vaporizers without any doubts are gaining too much popularity, you might even want to buy one for your own after reading this article. Whether for your own use or a gift for a friend, a family member or a loved one. The question is where to buy? The answer is, you can always check the internet! Come on, what is so surprising about that? You can always make a quick browsing and see for yourself where to buy high-quality Dab Pens, and not just high-quality Dab Pens but also the best Dab Pens in 2018! You can check famous e-commerce store like eBay and Amazon, or some websites like Dr. Dabber, Kandy Pens and lots more! Whether you buy from direct manufactures or from product retailers, it’s up to you! Bottom line is you are still going to buy, right?!

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