What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electrical device that is responsible for heating the marijuana to a high enough temperature to extract steam from it without burning it (usually at 200 degrees Celsius), resulting in a vapor rich in cannabinoids and essential oils, 

Why use a vaporizer?

Compared to the smoke we inhale in a traditional way, steam is much cleaner and lighter, which makes it healthier. The traditional smoke of a joint besides having the desired cannabionides contains harmful byproducts generated by combustion. There are studies that show that only 10% of the smoke that we aspire contains cannabionides, with the rest being the waste already mentioned, contrary to the steam that is rich in cannabinoids in 95%.

What kinds of vaporizers exist and what are the differences?

The main difference found in the vaporizers of the market is the way in which they vaporize marijuana, presented two different main systems: convection and conduction, the second being the system that was applied for the first vaporizers that were produced and therefore which will be found in the oldest or most economical, without the need for one to be worse than the other. But what is each one about?

The driving system works by generating steam through the physical contact of the grass with a hot surface, so the most visible disadvantage of this system is that the grass burns only on the side that has contact with the hot zone, forcing the user to have to move the marijuana manually in the chamber to avoid generating waste.

In the convection system instead, the grass has no contact with any surface at high temperature, but it evaporates through contact with air and hot particles of it that pass through it, making it “burn” evenly without need of user intervention.

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So, how do you choose yours?

Currently in the market there are hundreds of different vaporizers, the most important thing to consider in addition to what has already been explained, is the budget, quality and if you want to vaporize at home (table) or on the street (portable). Here the main differences:

* It should be noted that in all portable vaporizers the vaporization process is activated at the moment when the user performs the inhalation, different from the table vaporizers that carry out the process in a self-sufficient manner.

Table Vaporizer: They have very high durability, their connection is electric and they allow you to have an exact temperature control, they have a timer and since it is not necessary to be vaporizing for it to perform its function, there are ways to store the steam in special bags to be able to smoke at the time you want without having to inhale directly from the appliance.

The best and most durable table vaporizer in the world according to the opinions of thousands of users is the Volcano, available in Dry Herb Vaporizers UK

Portable electric vaporizer: Lightweight, discreet and easy to carry anywhere, they work with rechargeable or replaceable batteries. The most advanced allow a control of the temperature, vary in heating time according to technology and quality. There are many cheap copies of these so you will have to be careful, not only because they will be damaged shortly but also because their systems do not reach the effectiveness of the beautiful process of vaporizing.

One of the best portable vaporizers on the market is the PAX 3 available in Dry Herb Vaporizers UK

There is another very good one from a smaller range called G-Pen that you can buy from Dry Herb Vaporizers UK

Finally, it is important to consider your preference in the form of consuming marijuana: whether it is with dry grass or in concentrates, since it depends on what kind of vaporizer you want, although there are high-end vaporizers such as the PAX 3 where you can smoke of the two.

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