Ways To Pass A Drug Test For Weed

drugtestSome of us use marijuana for medicinal purposes, some for enjoy, but we all face the same problem, when we apply for a job – a drug test. Fortunately, there are few ways to pass it:


Stop using

The best strategy to pass a drug test is just stop using marijuana. The more days since last use, the greater the degree that the body naturally detoxifies itself. And herein lays a quandary. Everybody functions differently; bodies metabolize and expel toxins at different rates.

Factors affecting the body’s natural detoxification include weight, body fat index, metabolism, diet, fluid intake, disease or disorders, and other substances taken including prescriptions, otc medications, and supplements.

Our liver plays a key role in eliminating toxins from our bodies by monitoring metabolism and acting as a detoxifying organ. Increasing the efficiency of this organ, naturally and safely, can decrease the amount of time needed to pass drug tests.


Another method is helping the body to get rid of THC through detoxification. A drug test can’t detect molecules that are not present in a sample, so if time permits, detoxification is a guaranteed strategy for passing the test.

The use of herbs and supplements, along with a slight change in diet, assist the liver specifically, and the body generally, in the efficient elimination of toxins from our bodies. The detox formula presented in the THC detox drinks will significantly shorten the length of time needed to flush drug traces and drug metabolites from the body.


If you don’t have time for detox, the most reliable strategy is to substitute your sample. You can take clean urine from your friend or use synthetic urine. This product imitates all the properties of real urine and cannot be detected by labs. Just make sure you buy quality synthetic urine and use it properly.


If time is an issue and there’s no way to substitute sample before a drug test safely, or if you are subject to random testing, knowing how to use the masking strategy will make the difference between passing and failing.

Certain substances, such as papain or iodine, have been proven to mask the drug metabolites in urine and prevent drugs from determining in a given sample. But be warned: masking substances need to be used in very specific ways to be effective. You have to learn in details everything you need to know about using the masking substances to pass a drug test.


Often combined with masking, dilution is a solid strategy that can help marijuana smokers to pass a drug test. Drink a lot of liquids, and your urine will dilute, thereby diluting the drug metabolite levels in the sample. It’s simple to dilute far enough to fall below the drug cut­off levels of the tests. But drug tests check for the presence of certain chemical indicators found in human urine and lab staff checks colour and temperature. If these results are not within normal range, then the sample is considered to be invalid. Take B vitamins and creatine to avoid this.