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I have been using Vaporizer Hut for my vaporizer purchases over the course of the last 2/3 months and must just credit them with excellent service and quality of products. In the modern world its only about sales and to find a company that provides service excellence is hard to come by.

My first purchase was the Davinci IQ during November 2017. The purchase was easy enough on the website and the shopping cart checkout was a breeze using paypal and visa card. The order was shipped the following day and I received it at my door the following day. Now my day to give up smoking had finally arrived.

Davinci IQ

The reason I chose the Davinci IQ was the great review found on their website. It was easy enough to establish that the IQ is one of the top vaporizers on the market, comes with a bunch of needed accessories and is very intelligent. It has a whole bunch of techno gadgets I can use to keep in touch with my new best friend. Although it cannot be used for oils and concentrates, this was my first attempt at giving up smoking cigarettes. It was enough to add the dry herb of choice, and walk around in stealth mode sucking on my new vaporizer. Although the IQ is not designed for concentrates, one can use it for your favorite concentrated blends. But this is not recommended as I ran into issues with it leaking but luckily the support team at Vaporizerhut steered me in the right direction. It was easy enough to clean up my oven with the alcohol wipes that are provided in the box. Order now

Volcano Vaporizer

My next purchase was to look for a vaporizer designed especially  for cannabis concentrates and dry herbs. After chatting with VaporizerHuts consultants and reading reviews online I settled with the volcano analog vaporizer. This is a classic vaporizer, german engineered and is a very popular vaporizer for home use. Order now

“The Volcano is a desktop vaporizer made by Storz and Bickel, and engineered to the highest German quality standards. This classic vaporizer is a preferred choice for seasoned cannabis vapor enthusiasts due to its quality build and vaporizing pleasure.”

Going on 3 months with no cigarettes and a more efficient way to consume cannabis, I am happy for making the decision of purchasing a vaporizer, or two. I dont think I will turn back to cigarettes as I feel much better, healthier and dont wake up with the usual “smokers cough”. It has also saved quite a few sterlings, as vaporizing is a far more efficient was to smoke/vapor cannabis, whether flowers or concentrates.

I would like to thank vaporizerhut for their professional recommendations on choosing the best vaporizer for my needs and budget. Below are links to their website and social media pages.

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