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Vaping 101

Vaping in recent years has become a hugely popular alternative to smoking. Since the first commercial vaporizer was launched in 1993 it has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. In this article I will be discussing past, present and future of vaping and why it is so important.

The e-cigarette and vaping market are expected to grow to $50 Billion by 2025. In comparison, the only other market to have increased in value as much is the legal cannabis industry. Combining vaping, cannabis and technological development of today we can realise these industries are complimenting each other, and not just because it’s trendy and modern, but because there is much potential in the vaping industry.

Vaping Cannabis

Vaping originally entered the market as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. The e-cigarette was developed in such a way that it included some of the behavioural aspects of traditional cigarette smoking, including the hand-to-mouth action of smoking. It is further reported that vaping is a far safer alternative to smoking.

As the oral administration of cannabinoids reveals poor and unreliable bioavailability and smoking of cannabis cannot be recommended for medical purposes, alternative efficient and less harmful application modes are needed. Vaporization of cannabis without the formation of potentially toxic pyrolysis products appears to be such an alternative.” Source

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the inhalation of vapor that is created by heating the juice or herb to a temperature just before combustion takes place. It is possible through the use of a vaporizer or e-cigarette which simply uses a battery or AC power supply to heat a coil in the vaporizer.

What is a Vaporizer

There are many types of vaporizers from pen vapes through to portable and desktop vaporizers. 1st generation vapes are nothing compared to the 4th generation when it comes to performance. But the basic components for a vaporizer work the same. Below are the 4 components typically found in a vaporizer :

1. Mouthpiece – Usually detachable and made from either glass or metal.

2. The tank – holds the dry herb or oil and maybe refillable or only intended for single use.

3. Atomizer – the heating element that heats your oil or herb to the desired temperature.

4. Battery – powers the device and atomizer

All of these components are combined with software and sensors adding many extra bells and whistles for the modern vape enthusiast. Today vapers can communicate with their vaporizers through Bluetooth and able to customize their vaping sessions.

Vaping Cannabis

People have smoked herbs for thousands of years and vaping is one of the modern marvels that allow us to deliver cannabinoids faster and more efficiently. This is one of the main reasons vaporizers are so important for not only the medical marijuana market but also the recreational side. Studies confirm that vaping has a better bioavailability rate than any other delivery mechanism such as smoking, topical treatments and even consuming edibles. The bioavailability of vaping cannabis is anything from 30 – 70 % and this means more cannabinoids are available for your cells to absorb.

Woman Vaping

What is bioavailability

The proportion of a compound that is made available through the bodies of blood circulation that has an active effect on the user.

Vaping and the Future

The vaping industry is established and also evolving at a rapid rate. With the development of new technologies in the vaping industry and the increase in the demand for potent, concentrated cannabinoid oils we will see vaping and cannabis extractions developing together for future generations.

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