Vaping e-juice

Understanding e-juice

If you have already been introduced to vaping culture you may have heard the term e-juice thrown around before. E-juice refers to the liquid that is heated into a vapour and then inhaled by the user. It goes by many different names including but not limited to; e-juice, e-liquid, vape juice and even vape liquid.

So while you have heard these terms been thrown around before, do you actually know what it is or what’s in it? Below we are going to explore everything about e-juice to help you understand.

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What exactly is it?

E-juice refers to the liquid that is heated into a vapour and then inhaled by the user. It is stored in small cartridges or bottles that are connected and screwed into an e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is the device that holds the liquid as well as the other electronic components to turn it into a vapour.

When you draw on the e-cigarette you pull the liquid from the cartridge through the atomiser which heats the liquid into a vapour before reaching your mouth. There are many different manufacturers and distributors of e-juice and from such you will find that they come in many different flavours with varying levels of intensity.

What is it made out of?

E-juice is made up of many different chemicals but generally includes a diluent base, a flavouring and nicotine on the request of the user. There are two main different types of bases for these e-liquids which are vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

Many sceptics and non-users of e-cigarettes are quick to judge about the culture and are unaware of the facts that are available to the general public. A lot of people are also quick to jump on the “you don’t even know what’s in that stuff” trend. However these liquids are very well labelled including their components and composition. Generally speaking there are only 3 to 4 ingredients in them as well.

Should I be using VG or PG?

After you realise there’s two different components that make up the e-juice base your next question is most likely which one should you be using? This debate is common amongst the vaping community and really comes down to your personal preference as there are merits and drawbacks to both.

PG based liquids has a thinner consistency than its counterpart and from such tends to leave less residue on your device. It also doesn’t have any of its own flavour which means you won’t be tasting a weird combination. PG does produce less vapour than VG and has been associated with allergies as some people seem to be sensitive to it.

Vaping e-juice

What is the nicotine quantity?

The amount of nicotine that you will get in your e-juice comes down to which brand you get. It varies amongst for personal preference with some being absolutely free of nicotine to even a highly concentrated batch of up to 24mg. Ultimately how much you want to be having comes down to you and your tolerance with the stuff. It is recommended that people stick with the low to medium quantities as to not bring on the side effects of too much nicotine in your system.

How do you store your e-juice?

To ensure that the flavouring and strength of your e-juice remains stable, it is highly recommended that you store the cartridges in a place that is no more than 21 degrees Celsius. You should also aim to use the cartridge within 14 days of opening it and should not be used after a full year of being sealed. These are just some safety tips that the manufacturers and distributors recommend for their products.

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