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Top 5 Vape, Wax or Dab Pens 2018

Dabbing and vaping wax is somewhat of a new phenomenon in the smoking world; especially being that there are now dab rigs out there like you would not believe. For more of a concentrate vaporizer type, it is important to distinguish between which dab pen is going to be worth your time, and which ones fell by the wayside during our review process due to disappointing features.
For a dab rig or wax pen, you are going to want something that is discreet yet dependable. Something that is easy to carry around without weighing you down or being overtly obvious. After all, you do not want everyone knowing your personal business. Dab rigs are highly sought after, but not everyone knows exactly what they are looking for. Hopefully, this list of the top five dab rigs and wax pens we could find in internet land will help to point you in the right direction.

1) Atlas Premium Wax Vape Pen with a Built-in Wax Container
At just $55, this premium wax vaporizer is worth every penny—and more. Depending on your personal preference you can choose either silver or black when you plan an order. As far as 2018 is concerned, the Atlas Premium Wax Vape Pen is an absolute must purchase if you are serious or want to get serious about your vaping. With advanced technology and incredible ease of use, this wax concentrate vaporizer lives up to the hype.

This wax pen features a sleek and smooth design without the need for any buttons. With a built-in wax container and four different types of coils, this new Atlas boasts a slew of beneficial features that are more than user-friendly. When you purchase this product, you will also receive a dab tool, charger, battery, and a gift box to top it all off. Last but not least it features a magnetic mouthpiece for easy removal and cleansing.

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2) Airis Crystal Wax Pen Vaporizer Starter Kit
This remarkable product is not only reliable, but it is a great starter kit for anyone who is looking for a good product that won’t break the bank. This wax pen is available in five different colors from black, white, green, and so on. This dab wax vaporizer is not only attractive but affordable and dependable. With a 650 mAh rechargeable battery, you never need to worry about having to constantly recharge.
This is one of the latest wax dab vaporizers available today. It features some of the latest dab pen technology. It features a quartz mouthpiece with your typical micro USB charging port that will fit most chargers. It is packed with accessories like dab tools, a user manual, an extra coil, etc… For $17.51 you cannot go wrong.

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3) Yocan Flick Thick Oil and Wax Vaporizer Kit
As is the case for number two, the Yocan Flick is easily affordable at only $23.52. Also, it is available in four different colors: black, blue, red, and silver – so personalization is easy! This dab wax vaporizer includes both a built-in battery composed of a 650 mAh and an additional juice atomizer for those who enjoy a little juice to go with their wax or dab material. It features both a juice and concentrate atomizer for maximum functionality and enjoyment.
This lovely and powerful device is connected magnetically for easy, convenient dismantling for cleaning etc. The Yocan Flick Oil and Wax Vaporizer is highly discreet and portable with a flip-top lighter design for easy-access. This baby heats up immediately so there is no need to wait, and it has a transparent juice window, so you know when you need a refill. Also, it is specially designed to work with e-juice and a universal micro USB port that works with just about any charger. This is both an intelligent and economical purchase.

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4) Yocan Torch Portable Domeless Enail for Wax with a Quartz Dual Coil Head
This is hands down one of the best available universal tool that is not only easy to use, but it makes for an extremely safe, enjoyable experience every single time. Luckily, this rig attachment can work with either female or male joints, from 14 to 18mm, so it is easy to attach to numerous pieces. Technically, this is a portable, domeless, Enail that enables the user to vaporize in complete safety, both easily and without unpleasant instances.
Some of the features include A Quartz dual coil with an absolute, crystal clear vape experience. It fits with optional pancake dual coils in addition to regular coil. There is a 15-second battery safe cut-off function and the battery is connected to an elegant glass tube. With a wax and dab pen such as this, you can feel safe knowing you are not only getting a quality piece—but a dab rig that is going to last.

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5)  LV Smoke IP6 Wax Vaporizer with a Ceramic Heating Coil
First and foremost, this new dab rig from 2018 holds the appearance of your typical e-cigarette. What does this mean for you? Well, quite simply put, this is one of the most discreet and portable wax pens available on the market today. Available in colors such as blue, red, orange, or silver depending on your personal preference. For a dependable, portable ceramic wax vaporizer, this is an excellent choice for just $24.80.
Features include an incredible ceramic fast heating design that allows you to vape your materials in just seven seconds. It promotes a healthy, smooth flavor without any of the burning that accompanies many other vaporizers and dab pens. This starter kit is great for anyone from beginners to veterans—and at this price, you cannot go wrong.

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