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The Yocan Evolve Plus Vs. The Yocan Magneto

Yocan Wax Vaporizers Go Toe To Toe

Yocan is a vaporizer brand who’s been in the industry for longer than you could think of, for people who have not yet heard of this humble yet remarkable vape manufacturer here’s a quick Yocan backstory.

Yocan is a company based in Shenzhen, China – I know, but let’s not quickly jump into conclusions just because they’re based in a country where most products are seen as low-quality items because of their low costs. No, Yocan is different, and they’ve got the stuff to back it all up. Yocan is well known in the international vape import – export industry. They manufacture high-quality vaporizers used for a variety of materials like dried herb strains and flowers as well as for concentrates like wax, budder, and shatter. Their goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle by making affordable, healthier alternatives to smoking tobacco and cannabis. Their vaporizers are made using high-quality components and they implement the strictest quality control using ISO 9001 quality management standards. Their devices are built with “IQC, IPQC, LQC, and FQA in mind” and all of Yocan’s product have “passed CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications.”

The remarkable quality of their vaporizers is the result of their keen attention to detail that’s why they strictly take into consideration the inspection of incoming raw materials as well as the products leaving the manufacturing and assembly line. Throughout the years, Yocan has managed to secure several patents for vaporizer tech you’ll never see in other vaporizer devices. Some of their most notable international milestones were those back in the early 2000’s. In 2014 they won an award for “Best Wax Vape” in an event held in San Fransisco. In 2015, the following year, their portable dome less e-nail won the “Hempcon Cup” held at San Jose, California, on February 28 of 2015. The year after, one of their vaporizers received positive criticism from the American and Canadian market.

Their success led them to several tie-ups with American vape dealer Puff Puff Pass It resulting to one of the best collaborative vape pieces. In their wide collection of portable vaporizers, two devices are seen as a total stand out; the Yocan Magneto and the Evolve Plus. Today, let’s look into these two vaporizers and see which among them is the better vaporizer.

The Pinnacle of Evolution

The Evolve Plus wax pen vaporizer from Yocan is considered by most wax concentrate consumers as one of the best wax concentrate vaporizers in Yocan’s line of Evolve pens. It’s the perfect wax vaporizer for people who are always on-the-go. The Evolve Plus is one of the most balanced wax pen vaporizers ever in existence and it’s a good thing it’s still in production.

To begin with, the Evolve Plus wax pen stands over around 4 inches (120 mm) in height and weighs around 0.4 lbs. (210 g). The Evolve Plus uses a robust 1100mAh battery to power up its quartz dual coil atomizers, the amount of power it produces is enough for it to provide users with the perfect balance of flavor and vapor density. It’s size and weight are just perfect that you can easily keep it in your pocket without the unnecessary bulk providing you the same freedom of movement as having a smartphone in your pocket. The battery life is more than enough for several vape sessions allowing a user to experience lengthier sessions compared to most average units.

What I loved about the Evolve Plus wax vaporizer is its convenient bottom wax container. A feature that allows concentrate consumers to keep a handful of wax concentrates without needing to carry an extra jar or container. This is extremely helpful especially when you’re always on the fly. In most cases, when I take my vaporizer outside, I find that all I’m wanting is a dab tool which makes vaping on-the-go a breeze. My only gripe with the Evolve Plus is that it uses 510 threaded connections which present its own drawbacks. While most users won’t complain about a threaded connection — and might even say that it’s better than magnetic connections –, some might find it a bit annoying and somewhat inconvenient. When reloading, the removal and replacement of threaded connections only mean more prep time and that somewhat defeats the purpose of having a portable, on-the-go device. Which brings us to the next Yocan vape, the Magneto.


The Successor

The Magneto from Yocan follows the success of the Evolve Plus, it seems like Yocan has considered the success of the Evolve Plus and have taken the time to evaluate and improve the Evolve Plus. The result was the Yocan Magneto, the Magneto managed to step away from Evolve Plus’ shadow and established itself as a different model though most of its features are reminiscent of the Evolve Plus.

The Magneto is powered by the same 1100mAh battery and stands only a tad smaller than the Evolve Plus at 4.4 inches (112 mm) and weighs almost exactly the same as its predecessor. Because of its almost identical size, you can enjoy the same portable experience you loved with the Evolve Plus. The Magneto even sports the same concealed wax container for that added carrying convenience. What sets the Yocan Magneto apart from its precursor is its magnetic connections and ceramic heating element. If you remembered how I griped about the threaded connections then the Magneto from Yocan clearly addressed that concern. It features no threaded connections at all and is being held by strong magnetic connections. It now allows users to easily remove and replace its parts and pieces for easy reloading as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. The ceramic atomizer makes for a better vaping experience as the ceramic components provide the wax concentrates with a better environment that’s better suited for low-temp dabs for that lip-smacking, flavorful vapors. And the best part about Magneto’s features is an integrated dab tool, Magneto’s mouthpiece includes a built-in pick tool so you virtually won’t have to bring anything when you take your vaping sessions outdoors.

I know that choosing a vaporizer depends on one’s preference though it’s clear that in terms of convenience, the Yocan Magneto is the obvious winner. If you’re the kind who likes to be able to vape without having to worry about stripping your vaporizer and carefully putting the pieces back together then the Magneto is the right vape for you, it allows you to vape without having to carry a bag full of paraphernalia and other vaping accessories making it the better portable vaporizer.


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