The Strong Khalifa Kush Strain

Wiz Khalifa, a rap megastar and popular representative of marijuana usage who is associated with the RiverRock Company, has created the Khalifa Kush [KK] strain. The exact genetics are still not made known and there is huge hype that real KK is extremely strong. KK is sold through ‘The Cooking Co.’, a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. It is reserved especially for the Wiz.

Wiz Khalifa says that it took years of effort to create the rare phenotype OG Kush. The smell and taste of KK is similar to OG Kush but the Wiz wanted to breed strains with pine highlights and a lemony flavor without earthy traits. Still, the Khalifa weed retains a little tinge of the pungent smell associated with OG Kush.


Khalifa Kush is an Indica dominant strain with high THC content.

  • Indica – 80%

  • Sativa – 20%

  • THC – 26%

These figures reveal that KK gives an extremely potent wave of relaxation suitable for users well experienced with a medicinal or recreational marijuana lifestyle.

Appearance and smell.

The aroma of KK is potent. It fills the air with whiffs of pine and strong lemon. A note of oak-like taste makes it edible though strong. KK weed includes active ingredients, which are pungent and strong, so users need to be careful about the dose. Its taste is a little sweet, tropical and wood-like.

How to grow KK from seeds and cuttings?

It is extremely hard to grow KK from seeds and cuttings. The growing techniques are kept secret and KK is grown for only Wiz, who spends thousands every month on this weed.

Even with all this secrecy marijuana fans will recognize the genetics. Following on from its OG Kush parent Khalifa Kush is a good alternative when using the SCOG method.

An indoor KK crop can take 9 weeks to fully grow and produce a rich yield. Growers can expect approximately 17 ounces per square meter.

When the Khalifa Kush plant is grown in a sunny and warm outdoor climate the flowering takes place in summer. The plant is bushy and lots of buds are produced, these buds are green with dense orange hairs and are loaded with resin. Harvest time will be late September or early October. The same indoor growing yield can be expected.

Medicinal benefits of KK.

Khalifa Kush weed was created for recreational purposes however, with a high THC level of 26% it can produce strong effects on pain levels that would be otherwise hard to deal with. Its Indica dominance of 80% makes the user feel more relaxed. Patients with medical conditions that require strong pain relief for relaxation can use the KK strain in their therapy.

Just like other potent Indica strains KK can offer pain management for nausea, migraines, chronic stress and also in treating other conditions which respond positively to cannabinoid.


The Khalifa Kush hit is pungent and lemony. The first taste indicates that it is designed carefully. Harsh elements have been eliminated and you get an extremely flavorsome and palatable thick smoke.

The effects of the potent Indica provide a medium rate hit. With a few puffs you will start to feel a sense of lightness and heaviness. When you sit your body feels heavy because of relaxation. When you move your body feels light because there is no fatigue or pain. You will enjoy making conversation with ease and giggles. New users will feel like they are flying in the sky like a kite because they are not familiar with a strong weed.

Medical patients appreciate KK weed because the smooth smoke irritates their throats less in comparison to other strains. Khalifa Kush is popular for its stimulating effect. It is an ideal weed for midday or wake & bake sessions. It is best for serious and veteran recreational users who enjoy moderate body relaxation along with a strong elevating mental high.

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