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1 Ounce Of Weed Blue Chip Girl Scout Cookies

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1 Ounce Of Weed Blue Chip Girl Scout Cookies

1 Ounce Of Weed Blue Chip Cookies

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1 Ounce Of Weed

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Weed Jobs: 3 Companies Cashing in on Legalized Marijuana

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The legal marijuana industry is looking to create more than a quarter million jobs and .3 billion in state tax revenue by the year 2020. With cannabis taking over Jared Cotter decided to take a closer look at the people who are already working in the industry in unique ways and cashing in… legally!

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How to SMOKE WEED out of a BONG

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How to SMOKE WEED out of a BONG

early 90’s junkies teach you how to smoke weed out of a bong!!!!!!!!!!
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My second video of people choking and failing to hit bongs properly, good laugh when your high! please like and subscribe
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ABC Cannabis, Pipes, Marijuana, Grinders, Vaporizers, hash, oil, weed, Accessories

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http://www.abcaccessories.co We provide a solution for Retailers through unique accessories, to improve customer loyalty and create higher profit margins.
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Showing off another old school stoner tool that is kinda unique.

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I’m a Medical Marijuana patient in the State of Colorado.
Thank you for your compassion.
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Macdizzle420 Reviews the EasyGrinder!!

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Hi guys, hope you’re having a wonderful Friday. Today we wanted to bring you a review of The Easy Grinder. We’ve had this thing laying around the studio for awhile and are excited to share it with you. This shit is pretty crazy, its got some serious RPMs lol. Keep your cuticles clean and make sure to check them out on their site and IG. Have a good weekend guys!!

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how to make a quick easy cheap weed pipe

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how to make a quick easy cheap weed pipe

takes about 5 minutes

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How to Make a Pipe with Candy Marijuana Tips & Tricks with Bogart #22

Learn to make a weed pipe with Mambas candy or Starburst in this episode of Marijuana Tips & Tricks with Bogart. Part of a series of candy pipes so cannabis consumers will always be near a pipe!

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Weed Basics for Beginner!

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The first video I made about it-https://youtu.be/6-SCAPX7joI


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Sounding It Out: "Weed Accessories"

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Welcome lady’s and gentleman. Today on Sounding It Out we are going to sound out weed accessories. Everything from; bongs, grinders to many more! I hope you guys have a good time sounding it out with us!

This Channel is run by three adults of legal age in a state with legalized marijuana. We in no way condone the use, purchase, or sharing of cannabis in minors or in places where it’s illegal.
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Zenith wholesale brings collection of smoking accessories like dragon paper and tips, double wraps, grape flavoured paper king size slim, organic hemp slims booklets, ultra slim tips, lighter flints, lighter fluid, double wraps paper apple brown, king size rolling machine, ultra slim tips and Zippo wicks for lighters.

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Hydroponics Store Legally Grows Medicine More Valuable than Weed aka Cannabis

[youtube id=”ttMtU9sn274″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” maxwidth=”800″]

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to JSH hydroponics in Houston ,Texas to share with you the 100% legal crop they are growing that is more valuable for your health than Weed aka Cannabis aka Marijuana.

In this episode, John will share with you a hydroponics store that is growing microgreens instead of Cannabis using hydroponic methods of growing.

First, John will take you into the hydroponics store and share with you his opinions about growing with synthetic hydroponic nutrients. He will suggest ways that you can easily transition to more organic methods of growing even if using a hybrid hydroponic and organic growing methods.

Next, you will discover a few products at the hydroponics store that can be valuable to every gardener growing an outdoor garden. You will learn about a bagged soil product and why it’s Johns #1 favorite item available at many good hydroponic stores.

You will then learn how JSH Hydroponics started growing lettuce to increase its revenue, and how they transitioned out of growing lettuce that was not so profitable into growing one of the most profitable crops that can be grown legally: Microgreens.

John will then take you around and show you the Microgreens Grow at JSH hydroponics, aka JSH Microgreens and take you step-by-step on how they grow their microgreen vegetables at this Houston, TX hydro store.

You will learn the specific steps on how to successfully grow microgreens for fun or profit, including: Using the best water, selecting the best varieties of seeds, and healthiest seeds, how to grow indoors without leaking water, the best soil to use to plant the seeds, how to compress your soil so you an even grow every time, how often to water your plants, how to provide the best environment for growing microgreens, the best energy efficient Lights for growing microgreens, and much much more.

For people that want to grow microgreens at home, John will share with you a NSF wire shelf rack that is available at Costco so you can grow easily 20 flats of microgreens in just 8 square feet of floor space in your home to grow the most nutritious and beneficial food in your home in the winter or any time of year.

Next, John will talk about the ONLY thing JSH microgreens feeds the plants besides just water and why this organic approved innoculant is important. John will also share with you his #1 recommendation on the nutrient that you should be feeding your microgreens for faster growth, more nutrition and better tasting food.

At the end of this episode, John interviews Juan, the owner, and farmer at JSH Hydroponics. John will ask Juan the following questions:
1:02:21 Why did you start to grow microgreens instead of Cannabis?
1:04:37 What kind of microgreens do you grow and what are the most popular?
1:06:00 How to best eat your microgreens?
1:09:13 How do you help people grow their own microgreens?
1:13:30 Do you have any final words of wisdom to share with my viewerS?
1:14:14 How Can People Get ahold of you?

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