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Cannabis Tinctures

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How to make cannabis tinctures in as little as one hour. Some people take months to do this but the longer you leave it the more chlorophyl you will extract. You can increase the amount of bud for a higher dosage. 4 grams of bud – 2oz of alcohol. Theoretically you can add up to 8 grams of bud – 2 oz of alcohol before you reach the saturation point of alcohol and it really only takes a few minutes to extract cannabinoids with alcohol. Those who have experience making Cannabis oil will know this. If you freeze the bud and the alcohol the extraction works faster.
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Welcome back to The Weed Show! It’s our first Thursday on the show, and Thursdays mean INFUSED DINNER PARTIES! Jeff the 420 Chef is back in the studio to whip up a feast fit for cannaking. Plus, three special guests join Charlo at the dinner table to indulge and medicate.

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Reasons to Use a Marijuana Tincture?

tinctureThe following are some reasons why you should use a marijuana tincture.

Of course, if you use a marijuana tincture, you will lose some of the social aspects that smoking gives you. But marijuana tinctures are more private, secretive and efficient.

1 – Easy to take: Marijuana tinctures do not generate any smoke or dirt unlike smoking. They are good for those that are so sick that they can’t swallow or chew easily.

2- No smell: Marijuana tinctures have no unique or recognizable smell. You don’t have to worry about anyone catching you using it.
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